U.K General Election: Tories Lose Majority, Turns To DUP To Form Government After Hung Parliament

Theresa May

British Prime Minister, Mrs Theresa May


The UK snap election called by Prime Minister Theresa May has shocked the author of the outing. May against her expectations failed to lead in the parliamentary election where the opposition Labour led by Jeremy Corbyn has chalked up about 316 House of Commons seats, against May’s over 260 slots.

Although the Labour Party has not got the required clear mandate to command a majority in the parliament, the sluggish outing of May’s party had led to calls that she steps down as the PM, a goading she has been unwilling to yield to.

Observers reason that May’s trouncing by the opposition is a signpost to the Brexit outcome of June last year which UK seems not have taken as reality or a road it’s willing to travel before the final severance of ties with EU.

More reports coming……

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