PDP Trashes APC In By-Election For House Of Reps In Buhari’s Own State

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As the results of the election trickle in Kastina by-Election, PDP is already leading with a wide margin. Below are the results that have been counted and collated at the various Polling units in Katsina State.
The by-election was called due to the death of late Alhaji Sani Bello in February this year, and Mansur Ali is the candidate for the ruling All Progressive Congress in Muhammadu Buhari’s own state of Katsina.
Primary School in Dutsi A
PRP = 6
PDP = 229
APC = 159
Rumfar Hon Haruna Ali Yamel
Kaura A
PDP = 94
APC = 72
Kaura B
PDP = 105
APC = 74
Dogon Gari
Kayawa 1:
PDP =113
APC= 95
Kayawa 2
PDP =95
APC= 67
Gamji Ward
PDP= 160
APC. =183
Sirika B
APC =178
PDP =98
Dutsi B
PDP =82
APC= 76
Tamilo Yamma Polling Unit.
PDP =163
APC =76
PRP= 2
Dankudu Ward 008
PDP =96
APC =59
Turke Polling Unit
PDP =176
APC =108
Dutsawa B
PDP =186
APC =51
Dankudu B 007
PDP =96
APC =59
Yamel Ward 002
PDP= 232
APC =56
Yan Riga PU
PDP =207
APC= 128
PRP =1
PDP =114
APC= 108
Dutsi A Primary 001:
PDP 200
APC 114
Dutsi A Transformers:
PDP 141
APC 96
Dusti B:
Machinawa Polling Unit
PDP 103
APC 84
Garo 2:
PDP 191
APC 64
Invalid 20
Tsintsiya Primary School 008:
PDP 83
APC 179
Yemel B:
Fakarawa A
PDP 116
APC 74
Yemel A:
PDP 105
APC 74
Majigiri word Godi:
PDP 119
APC 105
Tamilo Yamma Polling Unit:
PDP 163
APC 76
PRP 2.
Meanwhile, ruling APC won one of the polling units while PDP won the rest. Mansur Ali is the candidate of the All Progressives Congress.
Some people opined that the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari led to the failure of APC candidate in today’s election. The by-election was conducted as a replacement of late Alhaji Sani Bello, who died in February this year.
Whether this is a confidence vote to Buhari and his APC-led government or not remains to be seen. But it is definitely a strong message to President Muhammadu Buhari especially when it is in his own state, Katsina.

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