Asari Dokubo Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Niger-Deltan Biafran Heroes


Asari Dokubo

Asari Dokubo, a firebrand supporter of Biafra independence and strong and vociferous leader of the Niger-Delta People’s Volunteer Force felt very strong to pay his tribute to heroes of Biafra, whose origin are from the current day Niger-Delta
Here is his tribute:
This month is Biafra month.I have started my tributes to the most resilient and uncelebrated Biafrans.Today I will celebrate three distinguished Biafra gentlemen who rejected the Rivers and South Eastern(later renamed Cross River) states dangled as bait to them on 27 May 1967 and chose Biafra.
1.Matthew Tawo Mbu from Ogoja was Biafra foreign minister from start to finish.
2.Capt Willy Murray-Bruce was the second in command of the Biafra Air Force.This Ijaw man fought to the last breath to defend his country.
3.Ambassador Ignatius Kogbara was Biafra envoy to London. This incredible Ogoni man saw the future but unfortunately his kinsman Ken Saro-Wiwa did not believe him. He was the very last Biafran to surrender.
Nigeria will never be able to successfully rewrite the history of this 3 wise men.
Next time, I will celebrate the father of Biafra; Biafra provincial administrator of Yenagoa; Mr Frank Opigo.
He gave the country its name!

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