Chisom Anekwe: How Neglect By Doctors Caused Her Death, Justice For Her And Family


Nigeria accounts for 10% of the maternal mortality rates, globally that is numbing.

That simply means that 10% of all women who die while giving birth to a child in the entire world are NIGERIAN.

This is Chisom Anekwe (nee Okereke), a young, vivacious, graceful, kind-hearted and intelligent woman who had devoted her life to helping indigent kids and giving their lives a meaning. She’s an alumna of LEAP Africa.
Two weeks ago, precisely April 30th, 2017, Chisom died under questionable circumstances at Magodo Specialist Hospital while trying to birth her third offspring. We believe strongly that the authorities need to ensure that lives are taken sacred in hospitals like Magodo Specialist Hospital where such avoidable deaths are recorded.
Chisom was admitted in the hospital four days before she got into labour. She already had two daughters birthed in the same hospital and was there to birth her third child, a son. While at the hospital, no one attended to her when she needed the help to be delivered of the long awaited baby. She was left for hours in labour. This happened until her husband created a scene, which eventually caused the doctors to go to her ward and on inspection they found out that the baby had struggled and died.
The husband at this point requested for a CS which he paid for and even signed the consent form presented by the hospital. He was then tricked out of the room to go prepare for blood transfusion and on getting back, he found out that the doctors had induced the wife and delivered the dead baby without operation not minding that the CS procedure had been paid for. This was also without his consent.
During the process of delivering the baby, the placenta got ruptured and the doctors left her like that, no further attendance still. Shortly after, the husband noticed she was swelling up in her stomach area and called the attention of the doctors who said they were getting ready for a surgery, a preparation that took longer than usual.
After waiting in vain for the surgical team, the frustrated husband went furiously to the reception to demand why they were wasting time only to discover the doctor had sneaked out of the hospital under funny pretences. At this point he got other hospital staff to wheel her out of the hospital and in that process Chisom died!
This is the story of most young women who die while giving birth as a result of the callousness, ignorance and carelessness of inexperienced doctors.
In this era, we shouldn’t be talking about Child and Maternal Mortality especially when it can be avoided. This could have been avoided but it wasn’t and now Chisom Jane Anekwe is a victim and has been added to the statistics.
We demand;
1. That Magodo Specialist Hospital, Shangisha, Lagos, be investigated for their actions and the subsequent death of Chisom.
2. That both the Nigerian Medical Association NMA and the Medical and Dentist Council of Nigeria, MDCN ensure that supposed Specialist Hospitals who claim to have a resident Gynecologist are verified.
3. That there be justice for Chisom!
 #Savethenextvictim, #Justice4Chisom

3 thoughts on “Chisom Anekwe: How Neglect By Doctors Caused Her Death, Justice For Her And Family

  1. Bede says:

    So Said, the husband shouldn’t “leave any stone unturned” in prosecuting the entire hospital management. Let him fight with his last blood and make sure the magodo hospital management, don’t go unpunished. What a Nonsense!

  2. hhhm let’s have a coroner inquest on both baby and mother
    let the patient folder be made available with all scans done during pregnancy
    whose duty was it to monitor the woman
    what prompted having an induction rather than CS when
    1.abruptio placentae
    were present
    look into the number of hours the doctors on duty have to do

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