BIAFRA: IPOB Members Wanted, Detained By DSS For Agitation Activities

By Chibiko Ikenna Offor

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One of the victims of Biafran killings by combined Nigerian security forces.

It is no more news that Department Of States Security of State Secret Service, DSS, has  been on the heels of Biafran agitators for mere protests or voicing their intention for independent state of Biafra.
The UN Human Rights group and Amnesty International have compiled list of deaths in the hands of DSS and other Nigeria security forces, cases they have merely denied but presented no tangible evidence to refute the facts of extra-judicial killings by their men in uniform.
One of the extra-judicial killings glaringly stood out and that is the massacre of over 100 Biafrans in Aba while they were simply praying.
These Biafrans were later dumped in a borrow pit along Aba-Port Harcourt expressway, where their bodies were discovered by IPOB members and UN Human Rights group.
One of the Biafrans who participated in some of these activities who is also on the run is Mr Cyril Ojomah. Cyril is from Agbor, Delta State but born in Lagos state.
He is the zonal coordinator of IPOB in Delta State, a state where the governor has out of political gains distant himself from Biafran agitation. He was on the ground in Aba when the events of February 9, 2016 took place. After that he has been on the run and reportedly left the country to yet to be disclosed country.
Cyril Ojomah also took part in the One-million-man match of which many Biafrans were killed in Agbor.
Cyril Ojomah is a graduate of Political Science from the Delta State University, Abraka.
Image result for biafran killing in aba praying ground

Nigerian Security forces ready before opeing fire on unarmed Biafrans on the praying ground in school in Aba, Abia State

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