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Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo

Olaleye Aluko

The Ijaw Union has urged the Federal Government to query former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his alleged involvement in the OPL 245 Malabu Oil and Gas deal.

The union, in a statement by its heads, Ebitari Dombraye and Awengidappa Wilson, said the quizzing was needful, against the background of Obasanjo’s exoneration of himself from the deal, which the union described as “psychic purveyor of untruths.”

The release partly read, “Former President Obasanjo held sway, not only as president between 1999 to 2007 but also as petroleum minister, during which he performed the duties and responsibilities as enshrined within the Petroleum Act of 1969.

“For him to absolve himself of responsibility, only serves to give credence as a psychotic purveyor of untruths.

“Obasanjo gave approvals, all in writing to reinstate Malabu’s license to OPL 245 after protracted court cases and national assembly resolutions threatened to lay waste to the asset.

“This approval was validated by two successive Nigerian presidents thereafter. If Chief Obasanjo’s claim has any currency, are we saying none of the individuals and ministries in the deal got involved without the knowledge of the president or minister of petroleum who were one and the same person?”

The union noted that the government must carry out due diligence in the Malabu deal investigations.

Meanwhile Obasanjo, while speaking with newsmen at a function in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, recently had said the deal was not approved by him.

He said, “What Etete did is the height of corruption. He appropriated the asset to himself illegally, illegitimately and immorally.

“Adoke and others should not drag me into a matter I know nothing about. If they have been asked to answer questions over decisions they took while in office, they should do that honourably.”   (

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