Kris Jenner’s Fired Security Guard Arrested For Felony Stalking


Andrew Shuster

A former security guard who had been fired from the gated community where Kris Jenner lives was arrested at her Hidden Hills home for felony stalking.

The incident reportedly marks the third time the man has broken into the private community where he used to work. According to TMZ, Joshua Jacobs managed to gain access to Jenner’s house by breaking the barrier at the security gate. When Jacobs arrived on the Kardashian matriarch’s property, her security detail managed to detain him until police arrived. He’s also expected to be charged with theft, as cops found him with a stolen sign-in sheet used by the security guards at the gated neighbourhood.

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As Gossip Cop reported in December 2015, Jenner fired her entire security staff after a fan made his way inside her home, where Kim Kardashian, her daughter North, and then-newborn Saint were living at the time. The trespasser duped security by maintaining he was there to help with Jenner’s Christmas decorations. He then easily walked into the matriarch’s office, where he confronted Jenner, who immediately called the police. The fan, who came from Texas, was taken into custody.

In May 2014, another man was arrested after making his way onto Jenner’s property and coming face-to-face with Kardashian, who found the intruder walking around. After the reality called security, the man fled but was found by police a few blocks away, where he told cops he was Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend and Justin Bieber’s stepbrother. That trespasser was taken into custody and hospitalised on a 5150 psychiatric hold. Other family members, including Kris’s daughters Kim, Kendall and Kylie, have dealt with similar security breaches in the past.       (Gossip Cop)

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