Fayose Receives Heroic Welcome In Ekiti By Ndigbo For Identifying With Kanu

Ndigbo In Ekiti state shower Fayose with a heroic welcome and laud him for identifying with IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

What the Nigerian government won’t allow being taught in Nigerian schools as history is: Ore was the Biafra/Nigeria boundary on the Southwest in 1967 to 1970.

The Igbo community in Ekiti Thursday showered a heroic welcome on Governor Ayodele Fayose for identifying with the pro-Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu in court on Wednesday, saying he has indeed proved to be their own brother from a distant land.

This reception came on the same day he attended the court bail hearing for Nnamdi Kanu, in which Kanu was granted stringent bail conditions. Nnamdi Kanu met those bail conditions on Friday and was released from Kuje prison, where he has been held for almost years.

Fayose had attended the court trial of Kanu and also appealed to President Mohammadu Buhari to use his veto power to order an unconditional release of the pro-Biafra leader. Kanu had been charged with a treasonable felony for declaring support for the Republic of Biafra and calling for a secession of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

Welcoming Fayose into Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State capital Wednesday evening, the excited and jubilant Igbo people sang the governor’s praise chanted eulogies on him, drummed local instruments and danced in their cultural way to appreciate what they describe as a deed that can only be done by one who truly loves them as a brother.

The leader of the Igbo group, Chief Nathaniel Uzomah, President Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Ekiti, said: “We have come to appreciate you for identifying with our dear brother, Nnamdi Kanu. We have called you Nwanne di N’mba, meaning our brother from a distant land for this singular act, you have proved to be our own brother indeed.

“Igbo people made a good choice when they conferred the title on Fayose and we regret not because you have proved to be a true and real friend of Igbo people.”

Governor Ayodele Fayose in his speech responded with these words, in his own words:

“Nobody doesn’t know that Nigeria is currently sick. And a sick man seeks for a doctor. The doctor advises him and the advice we are giving to the government to heal Nigeria is demand dialogue. Former President Goodluck convoked a sovereign national conference and issues raised were resolved.”

”We don’t know why this government is not implementing the reports and recommendations of that conference. But if you don’t want to adopt that conference recommendation, convoke your own and resolve issues that we have. Let us come to a round table to discuss. This country belongs to all of us.”

Responding, Fayose said he identified with Kanu because he believed the pro-Biafra leader was being unfairly treated: “We are Nigerians and this country belongs to all of us. I don’t want the division of this country but the unity. But as much as we don’t want the division of this country we don’t want oppression. We are not in the military era. Not in 1984, we are in a 21st century when only dialogue is the way forward in a situation that we have found ourselves.

“We urge Mr. President to show mercy to all the people in jail now for no just cause. God has shown mercy to him by granting him recovery after he has been sick. He should, therefore, show mercy to Kanu, Dasuki, El-Zakzay and others.”

“I believe he is a gentleman and he would release them unconditionally. I believe in justice and fairness. For Nigeria to move forward we have to dialogue, we have to restructure this country.”

”We have to come together and dialogue on how we can be together. We cannot continue to jettison the fact that all Is not well. A lot of people are not happy. We are from different ethnic backgrounds. We have to come together and dialogue.”

”We cannot say we would use force to make people believe in what we want them to believe in. And the moment you try to stop people from agitating, you would be creating more problems. You don’t know what would happen tomorrow, a Hausa man is there today. An Ijaw man was there yesterday, another person would be there tomorrow. But if the framework is there for everyone to co-exist as a nation, it would be easy for us to stay together. As it is now, all is not well. I went to court to identify with Nnamdi Kanu because I felt that he is currently being unjustly treated.”

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