BREAKING: Nigerian-British Boxer, Joshua Beats Klitschko To Become World Heavyweight Champion

By Ike A. Offor

The Nigerian-British boxing sensation, Anthony Joshua, the IBF champion with unbeaten record received his most stringent examining when he opposed Klitschko last night but emerged victoriously.

Vladimir Klitschko is the second longest reigning world heavyweight title holder ever.

The match was indeed a very interesting and sensational fight, which absolutely entertained the spectators to their satisfaction. Joshua was in his top form and boxed like a champion, he is.

Anthony Joshua dropped Vladimir Klitschko to the floor couple of times, the first drop to the floor came in the fifth round of the match, which drained his confidence and made him looked more like the contender than the champion he was.

Joshua made Klitschko hit the floor in the 11th round, the second time in the 50th min, of which the referee took a count and allowed him to continue.

Then Joshua came back to give him the barrages of hooks to the head, body and everywhere he could find to a defenseless Klitschko, forcing the referee to stop the fight at the 32nd minute to the end of the 11th round.

Anthony Joshua has proved himself an undisputed heavyweight champion, and he did that by beating the second longest reigning heavyweight champion of the world.

Kiltschko vs Joshua  title fight

The heavyweight champion fight between Vladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua






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