Father Reunites With Son After 54 years |The Republican News


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Bruce Brooks, of Council Bluffs, lost track of his two sons after he and their mother separated in 1963. His search to find his son, Tony Peoples, ended Thursday at Eppley Airfield, leading to a father-son reunion 54 years in the making.

“Excited and nervous,” Brooks said before meeting his son. “I can’t hardly stand here. My knees are shaking.”

Brooks had little hope this day would come, after searching for more than five decades.

“I’d gotten to the point where I was just about to give up,” Brooks said. “Now I have a purpose for being here.”

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Brooks found that purpose on Facebook just after Thanksgiving in 2016. His daughter, who he didn’t know he had, found him in Council Bluffs. She then helped him connect with his sons, Peoples living all the way in Portland, Oregon.

Minutes felt like hours at Eppley Airfield Thursday, as Brooks waited for Peoples to land. Hundreds of faces passing through the terminal, but Brooks’ eyes only locking in on one.

The reunion brought tears to both their eyes, although strangers for a half-century, they seemed to have an instant bond.

Peoples had also been looking for his dad for 25 years. A search that seemed impossible, now ending with infinite possibilities.

“A lot of closure, I guess,” Peoples said after meeting his father. “It’s great. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

The two now focusing on getting to know each other.

“It’s just something we haven’t had the opportunity to do and now we do,” Brooks said.

Peoples plans to spend two weeks in Council Bluffs with his dad.

Brooks has also connected with his other son, Rick, but has yet to meet him face-to-face.



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