Money Discovered In Cemetery Not From Nigeria But From Ecuador, EFCC Lied

By Ike A. Offor

It is succinctly clear that something is not right how EFCC is run under the current controversial acting chairman of the government agency, Mr Ibrahim Magu.

Today, the pioneer chairman of the agency lent his voice in condemning the activities of EFCC under the current acting chairman, saying “The war on anti-corruption is not about media frenzy”.

Speaking of the ongoing anti-corruption war, Ribadu the EFCC is losing the war against corruption “because the drivers of the anti-corruption vehicle are more interested in drama and media hype than the actual national goal.”
This is certainly not the EFCC of my dream,” Ribadu said, adding that President Muhammadu Buhari must have disappointed in the manner at which the anti-graft war is being fought.
His words: “Anti-graft war is not all about media frenzy but genuine commitment to the total eradication of corruption from the system.
I am sorry to say that we are losing the war against corruption because the drivers of the anti-corruption vehicle are more interested in drama and media hype than the actual national goal”.
And on that very same today, EFCC purportedly circulated in the social media a fake discovery of millions of dollars in a cemetery that is absolutely untrue.  In the photo circulated below by EFCC, it showed men of EFCC in the cemetery  in a very classic poor photoshopped image. EFCC limpidly used a photo from their archives and transplanted it into that of Ecuadorian National Police officials in a cemetery excavating bundles of millions of dollars hidden away by some drug barons.
A website leading to the publication of the news in Ecuador  On 14 April 2017 is listed below to help our readers navigate their way to it and make their own judgement. The website is Noticiero Universal, an Ecuadorian news website.

The Ecuadorian National Police seized twelve million dollars in cash in an operation against drug trafficking in which it arrested eleven people and disrupted a transnational criminal organization.

In the operation, called “Rising Sun”, a criminal network dedicated to international drug trafficking, extortion, hired crime, money laundering and other crimes was dismantled, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.



The Republican News decided to make some in-depth enquiry and followed the real case of money discovered in a cemetery to Ecuador, where $12m was discovered in the country by sting operations against drug cartels.

Meanwhile, just few days ago, the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammad suggested  from thin air without shred of evidence that looters are burying their money in graveyards and under the grounds, something which gave rise to this photoshopped  images  that went viral on the social media.

Somehow, it is apparently clear that Alhaji Lai Mohammad planned it and gave a hint to the public about it before they made such poor media stunt public. Though, the citizens of Nigeria are by and large very gullible, many engulfed this hook, line and sinker, but many did argue and refuted the news.

This is why many people now see the current acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, as a movie director and not a man who is serious to fight corruption. He has done a terrible damage to the image of EFCC and dealt a devastating blow to the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

When the DSS gave a damning report about him being an impending disaster to the anti-graft war, those close to the presidency denied it and reportedly  forced the president to renominated him for re-confirmation. A re-confirmation which he also lost.

Since after the re-confirmation failure, he has gone bunkers with mind-boggling incidents, which will not find space here. But the latest stunt has gone a long way to reveal the stink in the agency and the desperation to churn out lots of propaganda to obfuscate the general public.

Whether it is the a large political game from the ruling party and its government and the EFCC, it still remains to be seen. But every finger points to such direction. It is now a political agency than a financial crime fighting agency.  That is really very bad.

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  1. Sam says:

    Why is this writer trying to discredit Efcc? The only answer i can think of is this: CORRUPTION IS FIGHTING BACK! This is very unpatriotic and very sad.

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