IPOB: Nigeria Tells Turkey To Hands Off Biafra, Saying It Is An Internal Matter

Biafran vs Nigeria

Biafran protesters in front of Greek parliament  building

By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Worldwide under the Supreme Command of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (De Great) has been drawn to an information from a reliable source which had it that Nigeria government through her Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote a diplomatic letter to Turkish government warning her to stay away from Biafra restoration issue or risk a breakdown of her diplomatic relations with Nigeria. It could be recalled that the Turkish government under Mr. Erdogan invited IPOB Highest Command, represented by IPOB Turkey National Chapter, for a discussion over how the government and good people of Turkey could help facilitate a peaceful BiafraExit out of Nigeria federation. According to the content of the said letter, Nigeria government demonstrated a high degree of ignorance in international law of Self-determination by describing Biafra restoration quest as an ‘internal affairs’ of Nigeria.
It is upon this ground that I saw it necessary to make Nigeria government understand that the struggle, requisition, and cry for Biafra restoration has gone beyond a phenomenon to be described as an internal affairs of Nigeria, so that Aso Rock will save herself from the show of shame and ignorance in the letter sent to Ankara. Biafra issue would have ended as Nigeria internal affairs should Nigeria government have been smarter early enough to:
(1) Have not arrested Nnamdi Kanu, other IPOB leaders, thousands of IPOB activists presently held in detention in various Prisons across Nigeria.
(2) Have not killed thousands of IPOB activists and other Biafrans at peaceful rallies, peaceful protests and evangelism at Onitsha, Aba, Igweocha (PH), Asaba, Nkpor and Enugu and bury most of them in a mass grave inside borrow pits in Aba and Onitsha barracks as published by Amnesty International.
(3) have invited Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme leader of IPOB to a dialogue table for discussions which if he defiantly refuse to honour, Nigeria government should quickly swing into action in pacifying Biafrans from all corners such as economic fronts, political fronts, infrastructural fronts, appointments and grant of a regional autonomy to challenge the stand of Nnamdi Kanu and his follower’s position on marginalization of Biafrans in Nigeria.
(4) Have organised a UN, AU, ECOWAS and Common Wealth monitored referendum for Biafrans to freely decide their political status through ballot box just as it happened in Scotland in 2014 and Britain in 2016.
By taking these steps, Biafran issue would have ended up purely as internal affairs of Nigeria. International Community and foreign nations like Turkey and other nations which are already standing with Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra, would not have had any business looking into the matter of Biafra agitation. It is unfortunate that Nigeria govt is still seeing internal affairs or sovereignty of Nigeria from outdated perspective or misconstruing the sovereignty as making Nigeria an enclave of injustice.
I hereby make bold to tell Nigeria govt that Nigeria lost her grip on her sovereignty and control on her internal affairs over the issue of Biafra agitation when went outside the law by keeping Nnamdi Kanu in detention for nearly two calendar years now and senselessly killing thousands of Biafrans for calling for Biafra restoration, instead of being smart in organizing a referendum for Biafrans to test their resolve as stipulated by both local and international laws. Any time a country tries to keep an unwilling indigenous people by force in an artificial entity like Nigeria, the reverberation of their quest for true political freedom in the global atmosphere must attract the attention of foreign nations, governments, organizations and institutions and that will to that effect override the right to sovereignty and internal affairs of the given nation.
The question of internal affairs raised by Nigeria government before Turkish government on the issue of their support for Biafra is a product of ignorance to international laws, conventions, and protocols governing Self-determination and unquenchable alarm raised due to injustice from a people in a given nation. Considering these public enlightenments for the principal officers of Nigeria government, I view the outburst of Nigeria against Turkey as a mere way of Nigeria govt trying to add a whole Turkey and President Erdogan to the list of nations they have intimidated. I now wonder how Nigeria should ever think that it will intimidate a mighty and well-organized nation like Turkey.
It is, therefore, time for over nations to queue behind Turkey and say “NO” to injustice against the people of Biafra by convincing Nigeria government to organize a referendum for Biafrans. Unity by force against Biafrans is tantamount to slavery.
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16 thoughts on “IPOB: Nigeria Tells Turkey To Hands Off Biafra, Saying It Is An Internal Matter

    • Nigeria government say to Turkey that Biafra freedum is internal matter forgetting that Eccowas court is handling the relise of Biafra leader from jail , too forgeten the massakaring of mellons of Biafrans by the nigerian solgers steel you call it internal matter . The world knoes the mening of stroggle for independent that is international matter . I extend my gretting to Turkey Government and all the contery that supporting Biafr

  1. anyaehechi says:


  2. Somadina promise says:

    I thank GOd for d new elected UN SG and government of TURKEY for saying yes to justice ,yes to BIAFRA ,yes to a new born nationa BIAFRA ”……..GOD BLESS BIAFRA

  3. All this shameful language from the so-called learned idiots in this country. Really it is regrettable for the zoo; regretting because if hey could count the BIAFRAN issue as an internal and yet unable to restructure the situation then I am so sorry that they are more less stupid fools to the highest order. Yes and they should welcome any insult at all given times. The language they like saying is we are one but to still our resources that the meaning of the oneness and nothing more bastards baboons blood sucker idiots. It is BIAFRA or everything in this country is called to perish. You people should keep on fooling ya selves until it clickes then we shall know who is who idiots.

  4. Keo says:

    All i am saying is that biafra has come to stay let de foolish entities called nigeria shold go and leave with there so called cow & feed from them.

  5. Chukwuma Elijah says:

    Is Nigeria an internal country? multi-national & as such her case with Biafra is international matter.

  6. when the zoo nigeria sponsored a coup in Turkey forgetting that Turkey is not part of nigeria, now Turkey has recognised Biafra a nation they are crying, una never start hypocrisy

  7. Biafran nation has already gone,destined to stay without any interuption fromthe zoon nation called nigeria.we are not of the same nature,check it naa,looks,culture,knowledge, character,we are different.Tis matter of biafra is inernational not internal, because the biafran natio and her people are born International and high in technology and trade ,manahemen and have gone space to bring the AfricanNations up. I give respect to the Turkey Government for their understanding in suportig Biafran nation,,is not easy ,Spirituall Biafrans are in Turkey and hold o the Turkey Government as their brothers. I wish God blessings for other International Big nations who are behind Biafran Natio wish them all Log life and God blessings. Biafran batio will never forget them. Log Kife Biafra,Long e al our suporters all over he world.

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