Russia Test Fires ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ ZIRCON 6,136mph Hypersonic Missile

RUSSIA has successfully launched a hypersonic cruise missile at eight times the speed of sound in a test that will terrify Donald Trump, according to reports.

As the US President considers developing a new super weapon, Moscow announced the successful field test of its deadly Zircon missile.

The missile was a hypersonic anti-ship weapon that was fired around 248 miles, a Russian military chief confirmed.

The deadly Zircon missile traveled up to eight times the speed of sound at 6,136mph, the source said.

russia test hypersonic missile            GETTY SUCCESS: Russia has successfully tested a 6,136mph hypersonic missile

russia test hypersonic missile           ALAMY DEADLY: The lethal Zircon missiles are described as hypersonic


Speaking to Russian news agency TASS, the source said: “During the tests of the missile it was confirmed that its speed on the march reaches eight Mach (the metric used to measure speed).”

More Russian tests of Zicron missiles are to be launched this year, according to the source.

Zicron missiles fired at high speed could obliterate Britain’s aircraft carriers in a single strike.

(Daily Star Sunday)

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