Michael Jackson’s Mother Allegedly Stopped From Seeing Grandchildren By Other Family Members


Jessica Wedemeyer
TMZ reports that members of the Jackson clan are blocking matriarch Katherine Jackson from seeing her grandchildren — the late Michael Jackson’s kids: Prince Michael Jackson, Blanket Jackson and Paris Jackson — as part of an ongoing elder abuse lawsuit against her nephew-in-law, Trent Jackson, that has the family divided.

According to TMZ sources connected to the Jacksons, Michael’s kids were not told that their grandmother had returned to Los Angeles from London on March 29 after two months away “out of fear they’ll reprogram [her] and derail her legal battle with Trent Jackson.”

(TMZ adds that when Katherine arrived at LAX Airport, her daughter Rebbie Jackson “desperately” tried to block their cameras.)

Other sources connected to the family have reportedly told the website that Katherine was secretly taken to the home of one of her children instead of to her own home.

She’s back in L.A. to testify against Trent, who has accused Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson of masterminding the elder abuse lawsuit against him in an attempt to gain control of their mother’s wealth.

TMZ sources say that Trent’s camp thinks Rebbie and Jermaine are worried that Paris and Prince will encourage their grandmother to drop the lawsuit.

Back in 2012 when Katherine was suddenly whisked away to Arizona for two weeks, Paris accused Jermaine and other members of the family of kidnapping her.

“I haven’t spoken with her in a week I want her home now,” the burgeoning model-actress tweeted at the time.

“I will defend my beloved family member with all I have, even if it means from other family members,” she added.

TMZ concludes that its sources believe the fact that Katherine still hasn’t seen Paris or her siblings is “a strong sign someone doesn’t want a repeat of 2012.”


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