BREAKING: FIFA Gives Details Of 48-Team World Cup Final, Africa Gets 9 Slots

By Ike A. Offor,


FIFA president today gave details of how the new world cup final draw, which he has increased from the old to the new number of teams to play at the world cup finals to 48 teams, would look like.

The president of FIFA, Mr Gianni Infantino has given details of how the organisation which oversees over global football would distribute the slots for the 2026 world cup.

Mr Gianni Infantino gave details of how the slots for teams would look like for national football teams from all the continents around the world.

Africa , which has 5 teams slot for world cup will now in the new plan have 9 slots. North and Central America currently has 3.5 teams they will in the new plan by FIFA have 6 slots. Asia, which at the moment has 4.5 slots for various national teams from that part of the globe, will have 6 slots. South America, that presently has 4.5 places will go on to have 6 slots. Europe, which is the biggest beneficiary of the entire tournament has presently 13 slots but will have 3 more slots making it 16 slots for Europe.

The Former chairman of the organizer of the 2010 world cup in South Africa and FA president for South Africa, Danny Jordan said that this is a great news for Africa  as well as a challenge for the continent. He said that there is $2m for preparation for various national teams and $10m for participation in the world cup finals.

According to him such funds is of great benefit to all national teams especially those from Africa. He also said that while the increase  is a welcome development, it will also pose organisational  and funding challenges.

The FIFA council will vote on the proposal in May.



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