You Have To Comply With NASS Resolutions, Dogara Tells Presidency

Yusuf Alli and Yomi Odunuga

Dogara to Presidency: do more to comply with National Assembly’s resolutions


House of Representatives Speaker Yakubu Dogara yesterday described alleged apathy by the Executive to the resolutions of the National Assembly as not encouraging.

He asked the Presidency to see the legislature as partner and implement the decisions of the lawmakers.

He, however, said the All Progressives Congress (APC)-government has not failed Nigerians.

The Speaker, who made the observations at an interactive session with journalists in Abuja, debunked insinuations that he was on political exile in the Federal Capital Territory because of a face-off with Bauchi State Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar.

Dogara said the disagreement with the governor was not personal, but based on the fact that the governor has not lived up to his electoral promises.

He said: “As to whether we are satisfied with the level of compliance with our resolutions, the answer is no. That is why in the last House, we established a committee known as the Committee on Legislative Compliance and the essence of that committee is to seek to compel compliance with resolutions of the legislature and the committee is working.

“They have a record of the resolutions that have been complied with and resolutions that have not been complied with. And for those that have not complied with the resolutions of the National Assembly, what we are trying to do is to give the committee more bite.

“So, it’s something we are aware of and doing everything possible to ensure that there is more compliance with the resolutions of the National Assembly through the instrumentality of that committee.

“Also, I won’t call the role of the House of Representatives’ mediation as such, but I said our principle is cooperation with the Senate so that together, we can achieve more cooperation with the Executive. Where we will disagree, we will disagree. But in most areas, we should look for ways of cooperating more than fight.”

Dogara offered an advice on how best to resolve issues that might come up between the two arms.

He added: “We must always meet, talk to each other, reduce areas of conflict and where there are conflicts, we will overcome them.

“Like I said, however, there will always be conflicts. But what distinguishes us as leaders is whether we overcome those conflicts or we are overcome by those conflicts, and that is what we cannot allow.

“So, we try to do that. The House will go to any length, talk to anybody in the Senate, in the Executive, so we can forge an atmosphere that is convenient to work with. So, it’s part of the work we do as leaders and as institutions of government, we should encourage more consultations, more dialogues, especially on issues.”

Regarding the performance of the APC, Dogara said the government has not failed Nigerians.

He said: “I wouldn’t say that we (APC government) have disappointed Nigerians. For you to come to that kind of conclusion, you’d have to take certain factors into consideration.

“Now what was it that we met on ground? What is it that we have improved upon as a government? And what is it that we are seeking to do? I guess it is after looking at the whole gamut of these issues that you’ll be able to arrive at the decision whether we have disappointed Nigerians or not.

“You can’t talk of disappointment in a nature that is a value judgment, because it depends on the expectation. It’s only having an expectation that you can be disappointed. For me, I can say that a lot has been achieved, even though unsung in most cases. In the context of our society, people want to see first class roads and hospitals. They want to see the tangibles, but nobody places value on the intangibles.

“For us that come from the Northeast, even some of us that live and work in Abuja, remember how dire this issue of terrorism was. We were all living on the throes of violence. The Police Headquarters here was bombed, United Nations (UN) Mission here in Abuja was bombed, bombs exploded in Kaduna, Kano, Jos, in Nyanya as well. There was even threat of this mayhem being exported to the Southwest and other regions of this country. If you look at it, we have exited from that.”        (The Nation)

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