Just In: Man With 6 Kids Commits Suicide In Bayelsa In Wave Of Suicide In The Country

By Ike A. Offor,


A father of six children and a wife who hails from Ekeremor Local Government area of Bayelsa state has committed suicide. The victim made a rope out of a bed sheet and hung it on the ceiling of a vacant uncompleted room in his house.

The tragedy took place on  Vanguard street off Imgbi road, Yenogoa. The man left behind his wife and six children who are now quite devastated by the demise of the husband and their father.

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The eye witnesses who spoke with a reporter from The Republican News said that  he did not leave any suicide note so, people are unaware of the motive for the suicide.

Another witness said that he it is obviously the economic situation in the country. They said that things have not been the same for them since the present economic hardship started.

This is another incident of suicide that is blowing through the country like a whirlwind from all angles and among people from all walks of life in the country.

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Barely less than two weeks ago was the case of a medical doctor, Dr Allwell Orji, who jumped off the bridge into the Lagos lagoon and drowned. Dr Orji had history of clear depression and has attempted suicide before too.

Then, two days after the demise of Dr. Orji two women in Lagos tried to jump off the bridges into the lagoon in Lagos in a similar fashion as Dr Allwell Orji. This pushed the Lagos commissioner of police to ban people loitering or parking their cars on the bridges in Lagos. In all these incidents, a very stringent economic hardship is very limpidly a cause for concern.


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