SHOCKING: A Young Man Beaten Into Coma By Two Mobile Police Officers In Lekki, Lagos (Video)

By Ike A. Offor

A yet-unidentified young man in his 20s was beaten into pulp by two mobile police officers in Lekki, Lagos state.

The incident took place at Zenith bank in Lekki, where the young man came to withdraw money from the ATM machines and altercation ensued between him and the two mobile police officers. The two police officers joined hands and beat the man up until he became unconscious.

According to the accounts of the eye witnesses, which painted a very gory picture of what transpired between the young man and the two mobile police officers. The tale is not a very good one indeed.

According to eye witnesses who narrated the story, after he was beaten  and lost consciousness, he was abandoned on the street in the pool of his blood and phlegm gushing out of his mouth and perhaps blocking his lungs.

These eye witnesses pressurised the mobile police officers to take him to the hospital, of which the ignored until after 30 minutes after the victim lost consciousness. As the video showed, after intense pressure from the public, these officers then gave in and took him to the hospital

There was no medical personnel on the scene to administer a simple CPR or to attend to him to help the victim regain consciousness. He was lifeless with phlegm dripping out of his mouth when one of the mobile police officers was struggling to position him on a car seat.

The registration of the car that took him to the hospital is LSS  52915, this could a car of a good Samaritan who  volunteered to help out or the car belonging to the police officers.

At the time of this report, the identity of the victim as well as that of the two mobile police officers remain unknown.

One of the witnesses who shared a Facebook video with The Republican News gave the official numbers of the mobile police officers as Baba Alfa [NPF no. 228620] and Officer E.D .[NPF no. 224780]

The victim is perhaps dead from the look of things at the time he was lowered into the car and driven off to the hospital.

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