Buhari Orders Investigation Into The Financial Book Of NPA Under Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman


Presidency has ordered an investigation into the financial books of the Nigerian Ports Authority under the management of Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman for fraud.

Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman, the MD of The Nigerian Ports Authority who once served as Governor El Rufai’s Chief of Staff is alleged to have given $25 thousand to several APC chieftains to support El Rufai’s emergence as Vice President under the assumption that President Buhari may not return to Nigeria from his medical leave.
Buhari’s medical leave which lasted for more than 45 days instead of the planned 10 days raised a lot of questions about the President’s ability to return to office. While there were rumours that he was in a coma after a series of operations, there were even rumours of his passing and a conspiracy by the Presidency to conceal his health status from Nigerians as much as they could.
Governor El Rufai and his former Chief of Staff had seen the President’s ill health as an opportunity to further push the Former’s Political Career. Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman who was appointed by President Buhari, met with several APC chieftains at the request of El Rufai and reportedly gave $25,000 each to many of them to influence the picking of El Rufai as the Vice President should President Buhari fail to return to Nigeria and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was sworn in as President.
This grand plan would see El Rufai contest for the 2019 Presidency as it would be widely accepted in the APC Northern Nigeria that the north had not completed its 8-year tenure.
President Buhari’s return marked the end of El Rufai’s scheming and dashed his hopes, the Kaduna Governor wrote a lengthy letter and released a lengthy memo to criticise the President’s policies weeks after the President returned.” 

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