BREAKING: I Will Shut Down Buhari’s Government, If Aso Rock Cabal Gets Too Arrogant-Saraki Spits Fire


Senate president, Dr Bukola Saraki

I will shut down Buhari’s government in 72 hours, if Aso cabal pushes me to the wall with their arroagance and disobdience towards the rules and legislators, an infuriated senate president Dr Bukola Saraki spits fire.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has reacted to the letter written by Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Babachir Lawal, to the Senate Committee on the Humanitarian Crisis in North-East.
Saraki, who spoke through the Senate Spokesman, Sabi Abdullahi, stated that Lawal’s letter stating that he would not appear before the Senate Committee, because he had gone to court to challenge his invitation, implied that the Legislature can equally go to court to stop the entire government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari, from working.
Recall, that the refusal of the SGF to appear before the Senate, came barely a few hours when the Customs Comptroller-General, Hammed Ali, had also declined to appear before the Senate, claiming that it would be subjudice for him to return to the Senate in uniform, since a Legal Practitioner had asked the Federal High Court, Abuja, to restrain the National Assembly from compelling him to wear uniform in the performance of his duties.
According to the Senate Spokesman, Nigeria’s democracy was heading towards total destruction, because of the refusal of the cabals in Aso Rock to honour Legislative summons.
Saraki said: “We are performing our constitutional mandate, and if anybody is going to court to stop us, then what it means is that we should all go to court and stop the entire government from working.
“That is exactly what we are saying; that if this (refusal to honour Legislative summons) continues to happen, then goodbye to democracy. It means I can even go to court to stop you from doing your work.
“We will see how that will continue to play out, and I think this is the end of democracy in Nigeria if that continues to play out.”
Is this what APC plan to do when they promised ‘change’?

One thought on “BREAKING: I Will Shut Down Buhari’s Government, If Aso Rock Cabal Gets Too Arrogant-Saraki Spits Fire

  1. Linkon Osama says:

    At times Nigeria Legislatives can useless themselves for nothing but failure, Dr Bukola Saraki have growth higher wings that he can stop anybody from going office to discharge their duties properly in Nigeria as at large according to Saraki stand, Saraki don’t know that he can’t stop ant as it small as its, talkless of higher official appointed by President Buhari and other sivil savants of Nigeria, senators did never realizes that, they’re tarnish their image reputation in front of other world or Nigerians, and we’re all happy for it because they’re unresponsive insincerity people to Nigerians, people had became senators before them, now their own too much, Saraki can’t stop anybody from doing his or her own jobs duties properly in Nigeria for his information.
    The real men among men of Mr president appointed as his candidates to help him and help Nigerians to fighting against corruption malpractices in Nigeria Saraki had fight against them all, not only Saraki corrupt in the house, I don’t know why all former Governors who later become senator are in higher desperate of higher profile of corruption malpractices and their are the same people tormenting the democracy systems of Nigeria through propagandist and stupidity behavior, we’re tired of seeing this people destroying Nigeria reputation, we Nigerians did not value again in any present of other countries because of their lowest mentality, can you emerging of that, you don’t want to help Nigerians the few ones who have the little mindset to help Nigerians you turn against him or her which is abomination against the country homes of the people of Nigeria, we’ve never seen this types of demons Satanism democracy systems in Nigeria before.
    May Almighty creators help Nigerians.

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