SHOCKING: Ghanaian Nanny Head Chopped Off By Saudi Host For Letting His Kid Fall From Stairs (Video)

By Ike A. Offor

It is like a scene that is very conversant with ISIS or Boko haram except that this one there was no scream of Allahu Akbar while the heinous crime was being committed.

A Saudi Arabian host of a  Ghanaian female nanny had her head chopped off with a long Arabian sword in the presence of Saudi police officers numbering over fifteen, who actually helped the man to hold the hands and head of the nanny down.

The nanny allegedly did not do her job very well because she allowed the child to fall from the staircase in their home, where she worked as a childminder.

A very interesting thing about this crime is that there was a police van stationed beside the scene and there were over fifteen police officers who worked as if their job was not about upholding the law but supervising the public execution of this innocent young girl. Her crime of allowing the child to fall allegedly caused the child no harm or incapacitation.



Picture of the young Ghanaian nanny executed by her Saudi host 


Scenes like this are why many view these countries like Saudi Arabia as a terrible place to live peacefully, where law and order or court of law do exist and take its due course.

The fact that she was executed before the eyes of several police officers and with them aiding in the execution raises several thoughts about how people of foreign descents are viewed in Saudi Arabia. This is not the first time such ugly news of such kind is heard.

This is not the first time such ugly news of extrajudicial killings by host families of these domestic workers. Much terrible of news  of these Saudi hosts, sexually preying on these very young domestic workers and killing them when they refuse to yield to their sexual advances have been consistent in the media

It is indeed a very disturbing tragedy that this very young and innocent girl, who has not been found guilty of any crime would be executed in such brutal manner by her host in a foreign land. Being an African, one wonders if her body would ever be returned home for a befitting burial.

May her soul rest in peace and may her killer and those who aided him know no peace until their end comes.

80 thoughts on “SHOCKING: Ghanaian Nanny Head Chopped Off By Saudi Host For Letting His Kid Fall From Stairs (Video)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    So what is the government of Saudi Arabia and Ghana Government are doing about this Barbaric and Inhuman acts?


  2. Anonymous says:

    These people have access to untold money from oil !so western governments look the other way when these Barbaric acts are going on !
    I have no time for places like this or the people or animals who live there


  3. Aaron Hill says:

    Please black african men love and protect your girls and women and under no circumstances allow them to
    go and work in North African or Saudi
    Arabia, because this is what may happen to them in addition to being
    sexually abused. You have a beautiful
    continent with beautiful people in it
    ,develop the continent for black african people and stop running to europe, US and racist Middle East your responsibility is to the black african people on the african continent first
    African American Pan africanist


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I totally agree. Again Arabs are taking issues to far, may Jehovah God look down upon them for their crimes against humanity.


  4. Edfinanz says:

    The act has been performed with people of authorities watching. They all believe in one god allah. Your religion is your way of life. Allah supports inhumane actions. That is the way of allah. Or how else do you think that this kind of ungodly act could be done in the public that way? All these will come to life again on the beautiful day of judgement! All your words (including the careless ones), all your thoughts and all your acts will bear witness for or against you on that very unique day of judgement. The young woman was begging the self condemned beast in the name of allah, but he ignored that name allah because he has no respect for it, but he removed a life he can not create. That exactly is the way of allah. The young woman is dead now. Herself and the killer will once again meet face to face! Just hold your patience for a short while. All glory belongs to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, personified Love Himself, Jesus Christ. Who condemns things like these, and whose followers will not act in such ways. RIP young lady.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Human rights need to intervene, Saudi Arabia and all the other Arabic countries can’t continue to kill people and the world just looks on. To hell with their oil, to hell with their satanic developments. Actually what they do just shows how much of satanism they worship, no religion is in these people just blood thirsty demons.


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