Timaya Expresses Frustration Of Nigerians In His New Album ‘Pity 4 Us’ (Video)

By Ike A. Offor

One of the famous Nigerian music artists, Timaya, also known as Papa Egberi 1 of Bayelsa, expresses the frustration of millions of Nigerians in his new album tittle ‘Pity 4 Us’, which is the state of things in Nigeria now, asking politicians to pity for the common man.

He started the song by saying this is not the change they promised us. The cost of living in Nigeria has risen astronomically under the present government, ironically that is under the very government that promised  ‘change’, though Nigerians now mock it and say that  the change is reversed change and not a positive one.

He lamented how politicians stole from the national coffers and stashed these funds in foreign banks and send their children to study abroad leaving the poor in the country.

He says that he pledge to Nigeria his country and has all his houses in Nigeria and everything else he has are in Nigeria, stressing his spirit of patriotism.

Then, he asked the politicians to ‘Pity 4 Us’ in anything they do and stop stealing  our commonwealth and stashing them in foreign land.  ‘Pity 4 Us’ is a perfect song to the politicians of Nigeria, which millions of Nigerians will love to listen and dance to.


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