Death Of South African Rugby Player Unleashes ‘Inappropriate’ Black Racist Remarks

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Dan Vickerman. Picture: Gallo Images

                           Dan Vickerman. Picture: Gallo Images

A black Facebook user appears to have pulled a bit of a Riaan Lucas.

Shortly after news broke on Sunday of the tragic death of 37-year-old former Wallaby star lock Dan Vickerman, another racial storm broke out on Facebook after a number of users made light of the news.

Earlier this month, Riaan Lucas found himself in hot water when he shared a meme of how happy he was to hear the news of Joost van der Westhuizen’s passing.

Bantu Qaphelani Zathu Mtika now wrote on Sunday about: “That face you make when a white man dies, priceless,” presumably a reference to the famous MasterCard ad about great things that money can’t buy.

When she was taken on for alleged racism, she denied it, saying the “face” she had meant was that she was crying.

She later added that her ability to wish Vickerman to rest in peace “went with Nelson Mandela”.

“My rest in peace’s went with Nelson Mandela got none left.”

Simbongile Nogqaza took her to task, saying that black people were not only racist but “inappropriately racist at times”.

Thulani Ncube had earlier written that Vickerman should rest in peace, but the responses to that comment quickly became a conflict about how white people should “give back the land”.

Lucas is being investigated by the SA Human Rights Commission for his racist Joost meme.


(The Citizen)

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