BREAKING NEWS: Petrol Station Opposite DMGS In Onitsha On Fire, Spreading To Nearby Houses

BY Ike A. Offor

The petrol station opposite the prestigious Dennis Memorial Grammar School in Onitsha is on fire.  What a tragedy at the DMGS round about which unfolded this night.

An eye-witness and a reporter from The Republican News described the incident as unnerving with the heat of the fire heating up the atmosphere and the environment.

A good numbers of firefighters from around Onitsha are indeed needed to have control over the fire as that is quickly spreading to nearby houses in the vicinity

The firefighters on the scene are likely unable to handle such inferno and so can’t quench the fire. It’s fast spreading to other buildings in upper new market road.

The Republican News reporter, who spoke to some eye witnesses said that a tanker perhaps carrying petrol fell and caught fire.

There has been no record of casualty at the time of this report.


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