BREAKING NEWS:Nigerian Army Massacre Of IPOB Family Meeting At Okwe Primary School In Oshimili, Delta

By Ike A. Offor
There is another unnecessary killing of IPOB, Biafrans going on right now in Oshimili South Local Government Area in Asaba, Delta State.
The report reaching The Republican News has it that another round of senseless mass killing of Biafrans, the IPOB family, is ongoing in Oshimili LGA in Asaba, which is in Delta State capital.
The Hausa-Fulani people residing near the aforementioned place, by the primary school, where the IPOB family meeting is going on called the Nigerian military who then came and opened fire on the IPOB family.
“The IPOB family were only in a peaceful family meeting and obviously did nothing wrong to attract any public attention or intrusion of the security forces,” said one witness at the scene.
“But it is limpidly obvious that being Biafrans is enough reason in Nigeria now under this adminstration to open fire on our members” one angry IPOB member said.
This was a very peaceful assembly of IPOB  family members without provocation but obviously  Hausa-Fulani residents who called the military are aware of the sort of killing that is going to happen, which was perhaps their intention to invite the military to the place.
The report reaching The Republican News reporter has it that two people have been confirmed dead at the time of this report.

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