Nollywood Actress Allegedly Beaten By Soldier With Iron Rod

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Jewel Infinity, has decried her alleged assault by someone who she described as a soldier.

Writing from her hospital bed as posted on her Facebook wall, Jewel said the event happened earlier today (Tuesday) at about 11.50am.

She had boarded a Sienna minivan from Port Harcourt to Onitsha.

“As we approached the first checkpoint immediately after the airport, soldiers manning a checkpoint ordered the car to pull aside, which the driver complied with.

“One of them with the name tag Sulaiman Olamilekan accused me of gossiping about him, whereas I was only having a friendly debate with a lady seated beside me.

Jewel’s brutalised laps
Sulaiman Olamilekan

“The soldier ordered me to alight and kneel down to apologise to him. But I refused, explaining that I had done anything that warranted an apology.

To my dismay, this soldier looked around and found a huge stick, and started hitting me all over with it.

He shoved me out of the vehicle and when the stick became damaged, he went in search of another but came back with a big rod.

“Immediately I saw him coming with that one, everyone was scared and could not help me, while his colleagues were busy stopping vehicles.

“Seeing that my life was at stake, I ran out of the vehicle and attempted to run to the other lane where their superior officers were sitting. However, on a second thought, I sensed he might throw the big rod at me, so I stood still, thinking he wouldn’t dare use it on me, considering the sheer dangerous of the weapon, as well as how much brutality he had inflicted me already. But I was mistaken!

“Before I knew what was happening, he had started hitting my two legs with it! I was helpless, as other passengers were too scared to intervene.
“Eventually, the other soldiers urged him to stop, but they did not castigate him for the unprovoked assault!
“They went ahead to seize my phone and prevented me from taking any picture. They then damaged my phone.
“When I refused to proceed with the journey, they forcefully stopped me from going back to Port Harcourt, and compelled the driver to continue the journey to Onitsha, forcing me to go with the vehicle.

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“I did as instructed, but I disembarked at a safe distance and boarded another vehicle heading back to Port Harcourt.

“When I narrated my story to the bewildered passengers in the new vehicle, the driver confirmed that Sulaiman Olamilekan is a ruthless soldier, saying he had also had an encounter like that with him before.

“As soon as we arrived Port Harcourt, I went straight to the Army Barracks to file a report about him, narrating my ordeal to them.

“The officers were astonished and pleaded that I shouldn’t take the case any further. They promised to remand him in the barracks for one month, saying that he joined them in 2015.

“I was taken to the clinic for treatment, after which they summoned Sulaiman Olamilekan. He was shocked that the case had gotten here already.

“He confessed that I didn’t do anything to have warranted his cruel action, but that he was in a very bad mood. He proceeded to plead for compassion.

“He later got my phone number from the clinic and called me on WhatsApp, asking for forgiveness. I was able to trace his authentic identity through True Caller.

“Right now, I am seriously ill and running temperature. The doctor said the temperature was due to the high fever occasioned by the trauma I suffered because of the assault.

“I urge the appropriate authorities to mete out the appropriate punishment for this murderous man in uniform.”

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