White Genocide: Hofmeyr To Meet Trump For Independence Of White South Africans |The Republican News

Steve Hofmeyr

Reports have it that the South African singer, Steve Hofmeyr is getting set to meet US president-elect, Donald J. Trump over what is believed to be a “white genocide” in South Africa.

According to the reports, a crowd-funding initiative has already been established to raise the funds that will facilitate the meeting between Hofmeyr and the incoming US president.

The controversial singer has also, expressed that he’s confident the funds will be raised for the meeting with Trump over the “white genocide” issue.

Hofmeyr reportedly told TshisaLIVE that he’d be honored to represent the group which approached him and farmers’ rights activist, Henk van de Graaf to meet Trump for the independence of white South Africans.

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He said: “I have no doubt the costs will be met. But, as an Afrikaner, I am convinced that we’ll have to first survive some in-fighting, some government rage and then the overlooked practicalities of getting such an appointment with POTUS (the president of the United States of America).

But once there, I would repeat keynotes of my European and UN addresses. Genocide is only one article of it. The advent of land grabs, the end of freedom of expression and 114 extra race-based laws has turned us into an insignificant communist state, deserving of sanctions…”

BuzzSouthAfrica traced the agitation for the independence of white South Africans to a Facebook page named Kommando Sorg.

The Facebook page is asking people to sign a petition for the independence of white South Africans. The statement below was culled from the page.

“President Donald J. Trump: Grant The White People of South Africa Their independence… We are not a group of racist people…We claim the Western Cape, South Cape, West Coast, Northern Cape and their previous Boer Republics as our land.

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We and the Koisan are the original natives of South Africa and were here since 1652. No other People were here since Jan Van Riebeeck arrived except the Koisan living from the sea in Western Cape.

Since the coloureds are part of our forefathers blood they are also included in this Independant Land we claim.”

Stressing that no race already living in the land they claim will be removed, the group charged that they’ll work hard to end black on white genocide. “…We are going to work together as one people to attain our independence,” they stated.   (

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