US-based Army Veteran, Chuks Okebata, Evidences Of Fights With His US-based Wife Emerge (Videos)

By Ike A. Offor
US army veteran, Chuks Okebata was assassinated during his holiday In Nigeria exactly seven days ago on 12th of January 2017.
In a video made available by his family in Nigeria to The Republican News, it appears that he had serious marital problem with his Nigerian wife, who is also of Igbo extraction, before he travelled to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday.
In the first video, his wife was very upset of him not coming home last night and asked him to leave his house for her. This altercation which took place in their two children’s room happened before their two sons.
It is also apparent that the deceased filmed the altercations with his wife with his own mobile phone. One could hear him uttering his own words from behind limpidly the mobile phone camera while filming the scene of his fight with his wife.
The police are currently searching for the killers of Chuks Okebata, who was shot dead during his vacation in Nigeria.
According to a source, Chuks Okebata was shot dead in an alleged case of ‘broad daylight assassination’.
 The imperative question is, are the police looking at the right places to fish out the possible killers of Chuks Okebata? Another is, who hired the killers that abducted him and murdered him in a broad  daylight in his hometown?
Allegedly, Mr Okebata spent most part of his life working and defending the United States of America but the uncommon streets of his own home state conquered him and took him away from his two little boys and his family.
After a very long sojourn in the USA, and due to his love for his homeland and his hometown (Umuduruorie Umuomumu Mbieri in Mbaitoli LGA) he erected a beautiful house which is to serve as a bond that will prompt him to visit home at regular intervals.
This visit was his first trip to move into his new beautiful home to enjoy his vacation in Nigeria. At Exactly 5 pm on the 12th of Jan 2017, some gunmen abducted and shot him.
In the second video, the wife who previously made a threat of calling the police for him so that he could leave their house, actually called the police.
She could be seen prancing around their house  while her husband recorded the prancing and swaggering around their home while making the call to the police.
When the two United States police officers finally arrived, Chuks Okebata who was calm  throughout the duration of the video was heard laughing and jokingly responding to the first police officer.
It could be heard from the mouth of the first police officer saying that ‘I am familiar with this person, and Chuks laughed.
 Few questions could further be raised here, though not substantiated and that is, could his wife be the person who hired gunmen to eliminate her estranged husband in far away land as their home state, Imo state? Have the police tried to interrogate her and check her call log or background?
These things could be traced even for calls made across the Atlantic  from the United States to Nigeria. The Nigerian police should be asking these questions and more and get into contact with his wife and the United states police authority.
A bounty has been placed on anybody with any clue whatsoever that can lead to the arrest of his killers. A bounty of N2.5m reward has been placed on killers and their accomplice(s), as the family is out to seek justice for their deceased son, who was taken away from them by evil people in such a cruel manner.

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