Global Prophecies 2017: Obama Will Be Prosecuted For Corruption, Atiku, Obi Will Defeat Buhari-Dr Nwafor

By Ike A. Offor

While the Nigerian based prophets were fixated on issues around Nigeria, the global pastor in the person of Dr Patrick Obi Nwafor dished out barrages of prophecies on the entire global matters.

In his global utterances for 2017 which he published on his Facebook page, it is very interesting going through his prophecies for the world for 2017. The global utterances was published on his Facebook page on 31st December 2016.

Dr Patrick Obi Nwafor is the Chief Servant and General Overseer of Echoes Of Mercy Deliverance and Miracles Ministry Inc and a professor of Theology at North Carolina College of Theology.

The Republican News will as it has done with Prophet Wale Olagunju follow his prophecies this year to see how much will be manifested in the year 2017.

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Below are what will take place in 2017. The only thing that can stop any of them from manifestation is acidic prayers
1. United States.
The incoming President Trump will take some drastic economic measures that will make the States sit up. Initially there will be definitely hard, harsh economic, political terrain that ultimately settles down with time.

  1. Attempt to kill Trump. Serious attempts to kill incoming US president seen. Efforts to protect him adequately must be made. If not, he is unlikely to finish his first year in office. Attempt to impeach him will fail and backlash take its tolls.

  2. Russia/US. The two super powers will work hand in hand only if maturity is allowed to continue. Mischievous GOP members of Senate: Mr McCain and one Graham will raise issues bordering on their globalist inclination against Russia but it will fail.

  3. Islam. Saudi Arabia: Wahabbis of this world will have her tentacles reduced to nothing by combined forces of US, Iran , Russia and Israel. A rear but an unbelievable combination.

  4. ISIS/Boko Haram. Both dangerous Islamic bodies including Brotherhood of Egypt and its US associates will die with their prime sustainer ,the outgoing US president Obama. However, a more homegrown boko haram will still kill lots of people, including the military.

6. Shameful departure of President Obama
. Mr Barak Obama will leave White House in a most ignominious way. Attempt to impeach him even after leaving office MUST be made. It may only be averted if political solution was used, else he shall be impeached. Obama will face cases of misapplication of funds running into $billions of US Veterans funds. He misapplied the fund without getting clearance to use same on Syrian refugees.

  1. Deportation of Islamic refugees from States. Some millions of people from mainly Islamic, Africans will be sent home from the States due to irregular stay.

  2. A prominent American politician will join his ancestors. Prayers be offered to avert a prominent Evangelical minister from dying too.

  3. Assassination/Islamic killings:
    So many Americans will die in the hands of alien but legal Islamic fundamentalists. The numbers will be alarming, if not properly dealt with.

  4. President Putin.
    Russia will play a global role at ensuring global piece. UN sanctions against her will be lifted.

11. German.
German Chancellor, Mrs Angela Merkel will lose reelection this time around. Her party will also lose leadership of the Germany parliament.
More people will be murdered by the Islamists now living in Germany.

  1. A great number of girls and married women will be raped by the Islamists resulting in revolt and mass killing of the islamists. Their improvised shelters, mosques will be torched and destroyed.
    13. The Syrian
    President Assad will still retain his position even after the killings of almost 500,000 people propelled by internal insurgency prompted by US Obama/Clinton and former British Prime Minister.
    14 France.
    A change of government will tighten internal security in France. But killings by Islamists will not abate until the needful was done.

15. Britain.
British value system will diminish terribly. No thanks to Islamic agenda which has eaten deep into the fabrics and roots of British government.

A lot of homicide killings, a plane crash, religious prone murdering will occur in Great Britain that will put so many other nations of the world on her feet. Too late for Britain, though. Mayor of London will be in for a massive home and away political humiliation. President Trump will decision him in a subtilty.

16. South Africa.
A prominent politician in South Africa of African stock will join his ancestors. ANC will lose so many seats in the nation’s parliament. Outgoing president Zuma will cause South African’s most populous party to lose national pride due to avariciousness, distortions, yet to be discovered abuse of office. Generally, most international businesses of South African origin will suffer political witch hunt from their host, others due to manipulative actions of theirs. Prayers to avert two air crash in South Africa two big cities that shall kill more on ground than those on board. Prayers please.

  1. Ghana.
    The economy of Ghana will slide back to what it was in 80’s if prayers are not made adequately. Hunger , shortage of essential food items will rare its ugly head up. The president will have to choose Ghanaian people who voted him or his party and their executives. If he chooses Ghana, he may come out victoriously. If he panders to his political party and their promoters, they will mislead him as evil politicians misled his predecessor in office.

18. Nigeria.
The nation of Nigeria represented a torn apparel. There is a huge disconnect between the electorates and the political office holders. The problem started from Local government counsellors to the president.
Masses are in a jungle they willingly allowed themselves to be taken captive.

a) Presidency.
The amount of corruption going on in Nigeria as supervised by the Presidency puts devil in trouble! By the time the lid is opened, most of President’s helmsmen, Mr Buhari and his inner family, excluding his wife Aisha are deeply involved. It is terrifying to say the least.

b) 2019 Presidential Election
. Mr Buhari should pray for his life only. If he comes out, he will lose Katsina State. His intended use of an Easterner as his running mate will kiss dust.

c) Alhaji Atiku Abubakar/Mr Gregory Peter Obi voted into office in 2019, against all odds from virtually all retired military, OBJ and other APC powerhouse
d) Restructuring.
This much trumpeted idea to usher in good democratic practices of regional autonomy , development based on regional capability comes in too late.

Still in Nigeria:
i) Two serving governors of Abia and Enugu States are on their way out. Dr Ikpeazu Okezie, will leave office dramatically.
Enugu State governor has an opportunity to avert his own through acidic prayers, but he was not allowed by his minders to seek for those ordained to pull him out of trouble through anointed supplications. If he amends, he may escape lately.

ii) Two former governors will join their ancestors.
Those of them need prayers, else they will die before 22/10/17. People are enjoined to pray for them though they preferred to remain aloof.

iii) A general in the armies of Heaven may join his ancestors if serious prayers are not offered by PFN, CAN and general Christian community in Nigeria. It is serious. Please pray along.

iv) Two former presidents/Head coupists in Nigerian armed force joins their ancestors. Messrs T Y Danjuma, IBB and OBJ should be on bended knees, else…

v) Islamic/religious disturbances.
More religious troubles are on their way. The federal government will be put in trouble handling the unfolding disaster.
d). Niger Delta. Mishandling of Niger Delta demands will snowball into much bigger problems. More destruction of oil installations, less fund available to FG. This is premised on evil desires of Mr Buhari never to keep any covenant he ever entered with anybody. He is a born peace-breaker! Undue arrogance will put shameful garments upon him until he dies.
e). Indictment:
FG of Nigeria will be indicted greatly arising from actions of political office holders who will be forced out of office because of corruption.
f). Two avoidable air disasters will occur in Nigeria. Fire disaster  will take place in two federal government establishments in Abuja.
g) Inflation. Inflation will reach a level unprecedented in Nigeria in 2017. Gas and PMS will cost higher as some parents will be forced to withdraw their children from most first class private schools due to costs.
h). Fall in Standard of Education and Values.
There will be a sharp fall in education in terms of academic performance. Tertiary schools will have running battle with federal government.
I) EFCC/SSS. Leaderships of EFCC and SSS will be dropped. Some serving Ministers notably from South South, South West and the current SFG will go. Outgoing SFG should brace up to face charges bordering on corruption, obtaining money under false pretence, offering high position jobs to persons unknown to the President himself!


Upon distortions, sabotage, killings, detentions illegally applied against Biafrans, a globally approved REFERENDUM will be made for the South Eastern States only. It will lead to a ” peaceful” disengagement. Those who will cast their political might to quench this move will not be killed nor challenged by man but they will be visited by a force that will force their tongues to cleave upon the roof of their mouths. With the anticipated referendum, some prominent men from Igbo stock who had stood against the Biafran creation will be openly put into definite social, economic quagmire.


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