South Africa: Blacks Attacks On Whites Have Escalated In The Recent Times |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor

There have been serious attacks by South African Blacks on Whites on several occasions in different provinces or regions across the country.

According to some few South African Whites communities, the attacks are orchestrated by  the fiery party leader of EFF, Mr Julius Malema speeches.

Malema is a known strong  freedom fighter in South African. He was the former youth wing leader of ANC until he fell out with President Jacob Zuma and was expelled from the party and was charged to court.

Julius Malema then formed a new political party named Economic Freedom Front, EFF, a party which has gone since its formation to become the third biggest and strong opposition party in South African politics.

This very attack on these farmers, a man and his wife, took place on the Christmas day. Mr Dawie Kayser Bossof  and his wife were kidnapped and badly beaten and found in a very bloody state in the hospital.

The attack was described as absolutely barbaric by the white folks who were interviewed by The Republican News reporter and online interviews by the editor.

The whites who were interviewed were very worried that their calls and cry is not getting out there and the needed help is not coming to them. Some of them sounded very scared , angry and desperate about these attacks and for their lives.

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Of  course, anyone who knows the history of apartheid in South Africa and how the black people suffered during those era of discriminations would see these attacks differently.  But as many condemned it then, many should join hands to condemn it now. Secondly, apartheid ended 22 years ago, some of the Whites cried out.

The question is, what is the government of President Jacob Zuma, the state prosecutor doing about the attackers and the crimes they are committing?

These attacks are incredibly serious and something must be done before things get out of hand in the country. And it must be done very fast.

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