Federal Government May Collapse, Atiku Warns |The Republican News

• Says recession has exposed govt’s weaknesses

By Moshood Adebayo

Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar said the current recession in the country has exposed the weaknesses of a federal system of government.

Atiku, an advocate of restructuring, who spoke through his Twitter

account, Atiku Abubakar (@atiku), yesterday, said the federal government could no longer meet its obligations.

Questioning the rationale behind having a central government that can no longer meet its obligation, the former number two citizen asked rhetorically, “does it still make sense to have centrist federal?”

Atiku said responsibilities of the federal government must be reduced to avoid it collapsing “under the weight of too many responsibilities it burdens itself with.”

“So, not only is our federal government too large, the economic downturn has exposed fundamental weaknesses. Yes, federal government duties need to be reduced.’’

Concluding the tweet, the Turaki Adamawa said: “The economic consequence of over-centralisation is that the federal government may collapse under the weight of too many responsibilities it burdens itself with.”

He urged  the federal government to reduce its control on the economy.

Atiku said this would make  the economy more efficient.

The former president has been at the forefront of those canvassing the restructuring of the country’s federalism, saying it is the only way forward to a more vibrant and prosperous nation.

However, he added that although Nigeria’s federalism was due for restructuring, “it is not the way small groups in the country clamour for it.

“Secession and resource control are not antidotes for a better Nigeria.”

Atiku said while the current system in the country might be working for some elite, “it is not in the overall interest of all.”

While proffering immediate restructuring of the country as an antidote to the many of her problems, Atiku said a better federalism would have a ripple effect on every aspect of the country.

“Doing otherwise would only continue to increase the negativity that has become the order of the day in Nigeria.”

“The only way forward is for every part of the country, every arm of government and the Nigerian people to be involved in negotiating the country’s future.” (

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