The Moment Russian Ambassador Was Shot By His Killer In Turkey Captured In A(Video) |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor

Today has been a very eventful day around  Europe with two terror attacks both in Ankara, Turkey and in Berlin Christmas market in Germany.

It is like a scene from an action movie when this assailant fatally shot the ambassador of Russia to Turkey, Mr. Andrey Karhlov from behind.  Mr Andrey Karhlov has been the Ambassador of Russia to Turkey since 2013  and he was visiting an art museum where he opened a photo exhibit.

A close look at that scene would raise few questions how did such incident happen.

The assassin has been identified as a 22-year-old riot police officer, named Mervlut Mert Altintas. He hails from the small coastal town of Turkey.

His parents and sister have been arrested  and detained for further questioning. The Turkish investigators are combing their entire house for every shred of evidence that could help the investigators to ascertain whether he was a lone terrorist or working with others in the police force.

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The Turkish president has vowed to cleanse the police and the military of every element of saboteurs and terrorists.

Mr Altintas, is actually a police officer attached to guard the Russian Ambassador and he shot him cowardly several times from behind until he slumped to the floor of the museum. He was later neutralised by Turkish police. Amb. Karhlov was taken to the hospital where he was later declared dead.

Mr Mervlut Mert Atintas screamed after shooting the ambassador, ‘Allahu Akbar’, which means God is great and a slogan usually screamed and used by Islamic terrorists around the world. He also screamed ‘Do not forget Aleppo’.

The Russians have agreed to work in tandem with Turkish investigators to unearth every elements connected to this terror incident. The Russian president, Mr Vladimir Putin has vowed to bring death on every one of them connected to any form of terror.

In another incident in the Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, a hijacked truck was driven through crowd of people in the Christmas market. The police in Germany is investigating it as a terror attack in which 9 people died and 50 people were injured.



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