Nigerians Should Cooperate With Buhari To Cease Recession-Group |The Republican News

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A group, Kwara Reformed Movement has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently solve the economic recession in the country.

It appealed to all Nigerians to join hands with the administration in solving the myriad of problems confronting Nigeria.

The leader of the group, Dr Amuda Aluko said efforts should be geared towards getting out of this recession as quickly as possible.

“I am positive that if we all cooperate with the administration, for sure we shall get out of the current bondage. I believe God will help Nigeria out.

“Today majority of our leaders apart from being greedy they are selfish. I am appealing to them to remember that one day they will be answerable to the Almighty God.

“It is never too late to make a change. I am also appealing to all Nigerians to cooperate with the present administration so that recession can be a thing of the past.

On the lopsidedness trailing the Buhari’s anti corruption crusade, he said: “I have asked myself that question before; if they are sure that X and Y are corrupt they should make it known.

“It is no use grumbling privately. If youhave a mission and you are determined with the help of God, that you want to accomplish the mission, God is always on your side.

“I look at the alleged one-sided anti corruption crusade of Buhari by his critics as mere blackmail. That is a careless talk. I think I read in one of the dailies that fighting corruption and the insurgents in the North-East that Buhari has done well, but he has no answer to the economy.

“My reaction is that he is a human being that is not supposed to know everything. Honestly, when you are a good leader you look for those that will help your government. Unfortunately, they are making things difficult for him at the National Assembly. When they send names for confirmation the legislators will reject the names on alleged inadequate consultations. Must the president consult anybody?

“Constitutionally, he has the right to appoint anybody anywhere to assist his administration. If there is good governance everybody will benefit, if it is the other way round then we are in trouble.”

Speaking on the rot in the judiciary, he said: “The day I read in the papersthat the houses of some judges were raided and they discovered huge mount of money I felt terribly unhappy. Because judges the way I was told is that their salary is for life with other appurtenances of office.

“Then what do they need money for again. It shows that they are ungodly. Many people cannot even afford two square meals in a day, yet they are keeping such huge amount of money in the houses and bank accounts.

“Well we are still learning. I hope those who are there now and those who will step into their shoes as judges will learn to uphold integrity, “ he said.  (

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