Makarfi Accuses Sheriff Of Plunging Nigeria Into One-Party State |The Republican News

 Abdulgafar Alabelewe

Sheriff, Makarfi

Worried by the comments of the Senator Ali Modu Sherriff’s faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the internal crisis of the party before the court, the Caretaker Committee Chairman of the PDP, Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, has accused Sherriff of alleged plans to destroy the integrity of the judiciary and plunge the nation into a one-party state under the All Progressive Congress (APC).
Makarfi, who reacted to the press conference by the PDP members of Senator Sherriff’s faction on Friday, accused them of deliberately “raising insinuations that could affect the judgement pending before the Appeal Court in Port Harcourt and also discrediting the judiciary”, saying that such stance taken by Senator Sherriff and his supporters “could ultimately destroy the judiciary and later plunge Nigeria into a one-party state.”
According to Makarfi in a statement in Kaduna yesterday, “it is very unfortunate and it is also irresponsible that as it stands today, Dr. Karo of the Modu Sherriff faction addressed a press conference that is arranged with such reckless statement intended to soil the integrity of the entire judiciary, and of a particular court”.
“I condemn such attitude. But, you see, the leper does not change. You recall that the Sherriff side has made several wide written petitions and allegations against members of the bench in a reckless and ungentlemanly manner, unsubstantiated allegations, all intended to avert the delivery of justice.”
He added, “We as caretaker committee of the PDP have absolute faith and confidence in the judiciary and we know that ultimately justice will be done, the judges cannot be fooled by these antics.
We equally believe that as democrats in PDP, we will continue to depend on the judiciary as the institution that can protect its own integrity and I believe that they are capable of doing that”. (The Nation)

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