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For the typical man, his sex organ comes top among his priorities. And rightly so.

However, urologists warn that, like every organ of the body, ageing also affects the penis, not just in terms of how hard it should be during sexual intercourse, but also in the way it looks, its length, and so on.

According to the Director of the Institute of Men’s Health for the Jersey Urology Group, Dr. Brian Steixner, the following are some of the ways your manhood responds to the time as old age sets in…

According to Steixner, as you get older, your scrotum will begin to droop! This is no good news to any man, but the sad truth is that it is unavoidable!

When the scrotum begins to sag, you will first notice that when you sit on the toilet bowl, it touches the water! Never mind, it’s your age gradually catching up with you!

Technically, it is called the “splash down” syndrome. “This symptom is marked by complete sinking of penis. If you feel so uncomfortable with it, you can undergo scrotum lift surgery,” Steixner counsels.

Permanent shrinkage
Generally, when you take a cold shower, your penis reacts by “withdrawing.” And as your body warms up, it quickly bounces back to shape.

But when the old age-induced shrinkage sets in, it’s a different ballgame altogether, because the loss of size is persistent, progressive and unstoppable!

Steixner explains, “What’s going on is that now, the normal cells are being replaced by the non-elastic fibres known as collagen, which sucks in the tissues.

“It’s even worse among those who consume excessive alcohol, with the attendant pot belly. As your belly gets bigger, the fats increase and consequently bury your penis under the skin.

“The more your weight therefore, the easier it gets for your penis to be buried deep inside your skin.”

Many young people handle their penis as if there are no consequences. They may sustain injuries during sex or rough play, but because it gets healed, they move on as if there isn’t likely to be future consequences.

However, when old age comes, these issues manifest in unusual penis shape, Steixner says.

“That’s why you see people with curved penis, like a bow, even when erect,” he says.

Erectile dysfunction
The main reason why men have Erectile Dysfunction is blood loss.

Steixner says, “Erectile dysfunction is the heart attack of the penis. And you prevent or take care of it the same way you treat heart condition.

“The rules are simple and the same: Eat more fruits and vegetable; then do more physical exercise. Once you observe these rules, things are likely to improve. And if they don’t, see your physician.”

Low testosterone
As you age, your testosterone levels will decrease, and, though it may not be noticeable at first, your penis will reduce in size. And it will continue to do so as you progress in age!

“Again, there will be decreased nerve function and sensitivity, which means difficulty achieving orgasm. What this translates into is that your ageing penis is going to last longer, but get shorter,”  the urologist says. (

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