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Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern OperationImage result for aisha buhari                                                  Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari

Wife of the President Mrs. Aisha Buhari, yesterday, said she had not collected gifts from anybody since her husband was inaugurated.

She said she was protecting the name and integrity of the President’s family.

The First Lady said the same thing applied to wife of the Vice President, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo.

While she described herself as a Sunni Malama, she said it was evident Mrs. Osinbajo was a committed pastor.

Mrs. Buhari, who spoke at the launch of Nigerian Women Against Corruption (WAC) in Abuja by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in collaboration with her office, said she would mobilise women against corruption.

She said: “I hereby urge wives of governors to key into the initiative and launch similar projects in their states.

“I hereby call on women to support the anti-corruption war. Let me remind everyone that the home is our first institution, we cannot be good citizens in the larger society without imbibing  integrity, virtues and accountability as our way of life.

“In addition, as you’re aware, we have passed through the campaign season in which me and my sister, wife of the Vice President, Mrs Osinbajo who is known as a pastor and myself, a Sunni Malama, we have never ever collected a penny from our supporters or donors in the name of campaign.

“We’ll rather ask them to go and put the logo of APC on top of items and bring them in large quantity, instead of N100, 000 or N200, 000 to be given to us. That was the beginning of the fight against corruption.

“ I know the type of husband that I have and I stood firm to maintain the integrity and name of the family. Till today, I don’t receive gifts.

“Right from the day we won election, people have been trooping in with gifts but I have never collected gifts and till today, I’m not ready to do that. In the end, long live Nigeria, long live Nigerian women and long live EFCC.”

Mrs. Buhari appealed to women to support the war against graft.

She added: “This is a clarion call for women to team up and wage a determined and sustainable war against corruption as bane of development.

“As we are aware, corruption has eaten deep into every fabric of this nation.  It has crippled the development of our country, which has resulted in the deplorable state of our vital infrastructure.

“We are feeling the resultant effects of corruption in our erratic electricity supply, poor health care services, falling standard of education, dilapidated infrastructure, unemployment and the recession.”

She said corruption was behind increasing crimes in the society, including kidnapping.

Mrs. Buhari added: “Corruption fuels serious crimes, such as terrorism, kidnapping, child trafficking, drug trafficking, gun running and a number of others that directly and severely impact women of all ages and backgrounds.” (The Nation)

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