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Dogara receives delegation of African Bar Association

•Western nations blamed for continent’s crises

The African Bar Association (ABA) yesterday rose from its Executive Council meeting in Sokoto, identifying impunity, corruption and injustice as factors responsible for under-development on the continent.
It said the association was ready to make African countries to succeed.
Addressing a news conference at the end of its one-day meeting, its President, Hannibal Uwaifo, noted that the principles of separation of powers, constitutional provisions and respect for the rule of law were thrown away by most leaders on the continent.
“This has made leaders on the continent to unjustifiably perpetrate themselves in power?” he noted.
Uwaifo said the ABA was ready to promote justice, equity and peace among nations on the continent.
He noted that political and economic growth on the continent could only be realised, if leaders and professional bodies synergise to forge a united front against all forms of malfunctions.
“We have the resources and capacity to defend the course of Africa and ensure peace and social justice for transformation. African leaders have to develop the political will by respecting the rights and opinion of their citizens,” he said.
He said any nation on the continent that violates human rights would not escape legal process of prosecution to be facilitated by the Bar at the International Criminal Court (ICC), adding: “We will protect the sanctity of citizens’ rights and obligation of government to them.”
Uwaifo, who noted that no one was above the law, also stressed that “both judges and lawyers like other citizens can be prosecuted for offences committed”.
“But we have to follow the law in a manner that befits the country to avoid messing the system. The process has to be comprehensively respected such that it is well-planned and marshalled to conclusion.
“Nothing is wrong in prosecuting corrupt judges, but has to be done within the confines of the law,” he stressed.
Uwaifo, at anothernews conference, blamed Western nations for instigating most crisis and hostilities on the continent.
He said the association has noted with concern how western nationsinfluenced crisis and hostilities in parts of the continent.
“We are following events carefully on how they instigate Africans against their leaders,” he said.
Uwaifo, who condemned the negative influence by the West on the continent, described situation as dangerous and inimical to peace and growth.
Sokoto State Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal yesterday urged African lawyers to ensure people of the continent are united to ensure integration, unity and rapid growth.
Tambuwal, who spoke when he received members of the association, said one of the best ways for the continent to reap the benefit of globalisation was for its constituent nations to collaborate with each other and bring their peoples closer. (The Nation)

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