IPOB Report: Amnesty Internatonal Has Lost Credibility, Says Stand Up Nigeria |The Republican News

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A civil rights organisation, Stand Up Nigeria, on Sunday dismissed a recent report by Amnesty International alleging that security operatives had killed 150 members of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

The SUN specifically accused AI of doctoring the report in a bid to allegedly destabilise Nigeria, just like it did in Libya, Iran and Syria.

The SUN Director of Public Affairs, Ms. Christie Amor, told journalists that AI was acting as an “agent of destabilisation” and “merchant of war.”

Amor added that it had lost credibility because its reports over the years had proved to be false alarm and biased.

She said, “In early 2011, Amnesty International gave the world a bogus report on whose strength a no-fly zone was imposed on Libya. The sequence of events after this led to the ouster and eventual murder of Muammar Qaddaffi. By June of the same year, the same AI’s investigation admitted that it could not prove that Qaddaffi’s troops committed the rights violations as it previously claimed. Instead, AI found that the so-called rebels ‘made false claims and manufactured evidence.’

“In 1990, AI was pivotal to the decision by members of a western coalition to invade Iraq and consequently sparked off the chain of events that produced today’s basket case called Iraq.”

Amor said the lesson from “these two major catastrophic outings” did nothing to dissuade AI from meddling in the affairs of nations, adding that the AI had persisted in disregarding the sovereignty of countries so long as there was a war to be started.

The SUN accused AI of also having a hand in the ongoing Syrian war.

Amor said it appeared AI had now shifted its attention to Nigeria as it had repeatedly tried to carry out such tactics which led to outbreak of war in other countries.

She said it was suspicious that in the United States where police departments were reported to have extra-judicially executed 997 people between 2015 and now, AI had not made any public report in the “tragic systematic execution of ethnic



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