Sen. Godswill Akpabio Exposes The Lies Of Gowon, Nigerian Government On Biafra-Nigeria Civil War |The Republican News

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Past heads of state and presidents of Nigeria: Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Olusegun Obasanjo

by Sen. Godswill Akpabio

”I was a victim of the Civil War. I was one of those who suffered the pains of the war. I was born sometime in 1962; the civil war came really into our area in 1967. So, I was probably five or six years old during the war; and if I had been around nine years, I would probably have been conscripted.
During the Silverbird Man of the Year Award, there were pictures that were shown of the Civil War. Somebody, sitting by me, who is from the West, was asking if those things were acted: the Kwashiorkor-ridden children with their swollen tummies, ugly shapes and bony structures because of hunger and starvation.
The then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon attempted to explain that he tried everything to avoid the scenes that were being shown on the screen, that he did not want the war. The other person who could have answered him, unfortunately, that is Emeka Ojukwu, is dead. He said he tried everything to stop the war from breaking out but it’s only Ojukwu who could have answered whether he equally did his part in avoiding the war.
But something struck me: it was said that Gowon should be commended for initiating the three Rs: reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction. And I asked a very simple question, that I came with a written text but I wasn’t going to read it. I thanked Silverbird for the award; and I said I did not want to criticise my leaders because I am also now a leader. But I asked to be allowed to ask a question: how come reconstruction started in the West when the war was actually fought in the East? They started the Third Mainland Bridge, the National Theatre, the international airport, and so on, in the West, while the war was fought in the Eastern region.
And if we really wanted to ensure total reconciliation, how come every account holder in the eastern region was given only £20? It did not matter whether your father had £10,000,000 or £50,000,000 before the war; you were given just £20. It was a take it or leave it situation. If your family survived and there was an account holder alive, he/she went to the bank, and collected just £20.
Could £20 pounds solve the Kwashiorkor that we were seeing? Could it reconstruct the houses that were burnt? Could it produce food? A lot of other things happened that I did not mention on that occasion. Don’t forget that it was shortly after the war in 1971 that the policy of indigenisation started, where most of the foreign industries and companies were sold to Nigerians, and the war-ravaged eastern regions, which include the entire South-South and the rest of them, could not buy, because no one who did not have money to even feed or clothe himself would have had no money to buy any industry.
They needed money from reconstruction, and I would have thought that reconstruction would have also started from the East. I just asked because we were lucky to have the personal dramatis of the war right in still alive : General T. Y. Danjuma, General Yakubu Gowon, General Obasanjo, General Buhari and others. It is very rare to see these former heads of state in just one place, so I had to ask.”

19 thoughts on “Sen. Godswill Akpabio Exposes The Lies Of Gowon, Nigerian Government On Biafra-Nigeria Civil War |The Republican News

  1. Gen. Gowon promised a national policy for the rehabilitation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of Easterners. A well intended programme that would have helped Igbos especially the traumatised children and nursing moms who survived the war. Igbos recovered from the physical symptoms of kwarshiorkor but the personality and psychological effects of that prolonged starvation remains, and its so real. The disunity of amongst Igbos was worsened by the the new culture imposed by war. A culture of self, hoarding, mistrust, undue competitiveness, sell-out, inability to delay gratification as well as a conscience that approves any means of self-survival. The children grew with that mentality in an atmosphere of rejection, hate and deprivation. Thos children survivors are now parents and that personality influenced their parenting practices. Of all the atrocities of the war, including its trauma, the worst thing Nigeria did to Igbos may not be seizing their monies in banks accounts or refusing to rebuild infrastructures in South east. The worst thing was refusing to rehabilitate the children who survived. These children grew with inferiority complex, fear and a begging for acceptance. But now they have become parents and given birth to a fearless, bold and assertive children who are asking questions that they parents feared to ask. Anyone, who thinks that its okay to punish Igbo children who survived the war they had no opinion in, simply lacks the milk of human kindness. Lets say its okay ( but its not) to refuse to reconstruct Igboland,; lets say its okay (but its not) to scheme Igbos out of the benefits of indigenisation policy and seizing their money), refusing to rehabilitate and help them unify is, to say the least, ungodly. This is why some of us are calling for a belated rehabilitation program for Igbos as well as government investment in implementing the 3r Policy promised by General Gowon.

    • Ezulike Ifeanyi E says:

      I strongly believe in one Nigeria till this very moment. Please can someone explain to the world on contrary how the “RRR” was carried on.In absence, let the wrong be corrected or to your tents OH Isreal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gowon was the one who instigated the war by defaulting the Aburi accord agreement when he returned to Lagos Nigeria.

  3. Twintec says:

    It’s important to know that as far as Nigeria is concerned nothing will ever work because the north the south the east all of them in government are corrupt and fight against the progress of the country because in them you see the best manipulates they are only good in sharing the money among them selves

  4. Anonymous says:

    There’s a reason God brought us together to form one entity called Nigeria. A region on its own does not form Nigeria, but all the regions put together form NIGERIA. We all need to forgive each other, stretch out arm of friendship and togetherness, be selfless in our dealings but building each region up according to the regions’ needs to create a better atmosphere to our children and the generations to come. We are one irrespective of our region! We just have to see beyond the hate and pains and most importantly our ego!

  5. leonald says:

    Gowon and his cohorts will surely pay for their sins against humanity, d blood of d innocent they shed still cries in d wilderness for Vegence.

  6. Ifeanyi says:

    sir you forgot you are dealing with humans. Yes, what you advocate is ideal, but sorry it is not the reality. Given the present state of affairs, and the true stories emanating from actual events of the war create a deep resentment among the younger generation. And this kind of resentment is deep rooted and does not just go away. The best thing is to let them determine what they want out this union. You can’t continue to impose your will on them and expect them to forgive and forget. Things does not work that way.

  7. Ojuwku says:

    Never you trust a bloody Muslim or a northerner. Gowon or Golowom what ever his name is. he is so irresponsible and a coward too why did he have to run to Britain to help him he should have fight with what he has or produce his own weapons just like the Biafrans did. Now tbey have started again with the case of Nnamdi Kanu Gowon os still alive he will not advice his useless brother Buhari to listen to the voice of the people, later Buhari will say he tried to avoid the war but this time around we promise Nigeria that the North will be at the mercy of the Biafran military God willing. we are watching with this Operation Python dance let them pray that they dont mistakenly kill who they are not supposed to kill and Nigeria will become history. Aword is enough for the wise.

  8. wilson says:

    Gowon is so cowardic that he could not fight with out the ultimate assistance of the great world powers like Britain and Russia. Gowon said it was not a war of hate, why did he use air bombing against civilians on civilian areas? Why did he implement the 20 pounds policy to worsen the pains and sufferings of the Biafran people at the end of the war? Why did he impose blocked on the biafran areas that nothing especially food could enter into Biafra? Why did he permit his soldiers and the Nigerian people to loot Biafran properties? Why did he employ out side countries like Egypt, Sudan, Libya, etc to come to help him and invade Biafra? Why did he announce rehabilitation and did not allow it at all in any part of the Biafran territories where the wars took place? Let me make it clear,the Biafran people will never forgive you and will never forget all these atrocities you and you men committed against Biafra. If it is not a war of hate why are you and the Nigerian people are still celebrating the war till date? Why are the biafrans still been mocked by the nigerians for losing out ? The only remedy to all these pains is to let Biafra go its own way especially peacefully.

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