Why Facebook Closed IPOB, Leaders’ Facebook Accounts? |The Republican News

By Ike A. OfforImage result for ipob and facebook owner

Two weeks ago, the officials of the IPOB group woke up to the nightmare experience of losing their Facebook accounts and the official IPOB account. It was a very shocking experience that gave way to outrage and anger among the Biafran agitators both home and abroad.

There were various speculations as why Facebook did so, chief among them was collusion with President Mohammadu Buhari after his well publicised visit to Nigeria during which he met with Buhari in Aso Rock.

During his visit, the former Minister of Aviation, and the embattled former Campaign director of PDP party it the last election, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode wrote some insightful essay why Facebook founder, Mr Mark Zuckerberg visited.

In his essay he said that the plans to finally Islamise Nigeria will be perfected with Facebook plans to inculcate solely Hausa language as one of the languages of Facebook. Fani-Kayode alleged that why are other languages not being considered but Hausa if not for the fact of their secret plans to use language to colonise the remaining sections of the country?

Then, few weeks after the visit by Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook deleted accounts of IPOB, and that of their leaders resident in various countries.

The Republican News gathered from reliable sources the reason behind the deletion of IPOB and their leaders accounts from Facebook was because of the staunch support for Mr Donald J. Trump against the will of Facebook owner, who openly supports Democratic party nominee Mrs Hilary Clinton.

One has to remember that IPOB unequivocally threw their weight and campaign support behind the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, which is against the support of the Facebook owner. So, the IPOB using Facebook to carry out their campaign rose the wrath of Facebook owner and his workers and forced them to take action.

Prior this incident Republican party has accused Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook of suppressing adverts and news about their party on his Facebook. An allegation Facebook denied but promised to investigate it. The outcome of that investigation has not yet been made public.

IPOB is not a terrorist group, so they could not have breached Facebook’s rules of using their platform to spread or engage in terror activities or spread hate. So, the  report from our sources is indeed plausible.


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