Mexican Official Seeks Tax Fraud Probe Against Donal Trump |The Republican News

           Donald Trump


A Mexican official pressed the authorities Friday to investigate whether US presidential candidate Donald Trump committed tax fraud in a failed condominium project in Tijuana.

Jaime Martinez Veloz, the head of the Commission for Dialogue with Indigenous People of Mexico, took documents to the attorney general’s office in the hope it will lead to a probe by tax authorities.

Martinez, a former federal lawmaker, said authorities in the northwestern border city of Tijuana found no building permits related to the Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico project.

Trump settled a US lawsuit in 2013 with some 100 would-be condo buyers after the project fell through and was never built.

The billionaire real estate investor said he only licensed his name for the project but was not involved in building it, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

“Today where, as he says, there would have been a beautiful building, there is a hole, a pit that demonstrates the illegality and fiscal fraud that were committed,” Martinez told reporters in front of the attorney general’s office, adding that he was filing the complaint on a personal capacity.

An official at the attorney general’s office, who spoke on condition of anonymity, could not confirm whether the complaint was processed by the authorities, but he said officials usually take them and examine whether there is enough evidence to open a case.

The Trump campaign did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Trump, who faces Democrat Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s presidential election, has angered Mexicans for calling migrants from Mexico “rapists” and drug dealers, as well as vowing to make their government pay for a giant wall across the border.


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