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By Mark Gray
dishing on dad: Michael Jackson's son gives rare interview, dishes on pessimistic advice from dad

AP&/WENN Michael Jackson’s Son gives rare interview, dishes on pessimistic advice from dad

Michael Jackson’s eldest child, Prince Jackson, has rarely spoken about, well, anything, really. However, the son of the late legend opened up to The Los Angeles Times recently, dishing on his dad’s legacy and how he’s not trying to imitate him.

He also shared the best (and somewhat pessimistic) advice his dad ever gave him.

“Trust no one,” Michael apparently told his son. “It sounds bad, but…a lot of people are motivated by themselves. He said don’t trust someone just because it sounds like a good idea—do your research. There are a lot of people who want to interact with [me and my siblings] just because of who we are.”

Michael, of course, was very protective of his children, often having them wear masks to shield their identity.

“My dad spoke to me like an adult. He told us the reason for the masks was he wanted us to have our own life without him,” he told the newspaper.

In fact, because of the masks, Prince said he and his siblings would often go out without their dad and no one even took a second look at them since they didn’t know who they were.

“I don’t think I ever thought about if other kids lived like that when I was younger. But once I knew who he was, I realized it wasn’t normal,” he said. “I remember being in Disneyland and I went to the window and there were all these fans waving and taking pictures of me. I thought it was normal, so I just waved back.”

He added, “It wasn’t until I saw a video of him performing and people were fainting and passing out, when I realized the work he did meant a lot to people.”

Prince, now 19, knows all about the sexual accusations that people have levied against his father, but said he’s learned to deal with them by simply ignoring them.

When Michael died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009, the death was a “shock” to Prince. Still, he keeps his dad in his life by making him a part of his everyday life.

“The way I cope with [the grief] is incorporating him into my life in every way—from my company logo having little bits of him [to] using his metaphors and trying to follow everything he taught us,” Prince said. “My brother and my sister, we’ve all coped differently. I’ve gotten better the older I get.”

Earlier this year, Prince started King’s Son Productions, a name inspired by his father’s nickname, the King of Pop. But, just because his father was a huge pop star, doesn’t mean that Prince is choosing that path.

“Everyone thinks I’m going to do music and dance,” he told the newspaper, but said that’s not where his head is at. “Music is a big part of my life. It shaped who I am because of my family, but I’ve always wanted to go into production. My dad would ask me what I wanted to do and my answer was always producing and directing.”

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