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Good times for Cletus Ibeto

Chairman Ibeto group, Chief Cletus Ibeto


Love does not discriminate between the rich, the poor, the beautiful or the ugly. It happens in ways not even the gods can explain. When not very long ago the first wife of Chief Cletus Ibeto, the Chairman of Ibeto Group, left him without saying good bye, the great entrepreneur was thrown into deep mourning and he became very skeptical about women. He must indeed have thought that he would never be able to love again. The truth, alas, is that love has happened to him again and he is boldly and happily going into a holy matrimony with Ifeyinwa Okpara, his long term friend and lover.

Let no one raise an eyebrow. Love has happened and the bells are ringing and ringing. If his first marriage could end in the way it did, it means that anything can happen to anyone, whether rich or poor, in matters of the heart. But the experience did not dishearten Ibeto. Rather, it gave him courage to dare and dream; to do more and to love better. Having learned life’s bitter lesson from his failed marriage, he took the experience in his stride, conquered the fear of being hurt again and ventured once more into the uncertain waters of marriage, this time with a sturdy ship built from the solid wood of preparedness. So far he has been reaping the rewards as he enjoys a blissful union with Ifeyinwa. The Nation

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