The Gambia Becomes Third African Country To Withdraw From ICC |The Republican News


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Gambia has become the third African nation to submit its withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) to the United Nations.

Information minister, Sheriff Baba Bojang, who announced the withdrawal on Wednesday on national television, said the acronym ICC stood for “International Caucasian Court.”

“The court focused on “the persecution and humiliation of people of colour, especially Africans,” Bojang added.

Gambia’s withdrawal came several days after South Africa announced it would leave the ICC, saying its membership hampered its efforts to resolve conflicts in Africa.

Earlier this month, Burundi’s government also decided to quit the court in The Hague.

ICC Assembly of States Parties President Sidiki Kaba, who is also the justice minister of Senegal, on Monday called the withdrawals a “watershed moment’’ for justice.

The report says since the ICC entered into force in July 2002, only Africans have been on trial.

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