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By Ike A. Offor  (VIDEO BELOW)

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president Mohammadu Buhari in germany

Some times when words are thrown around by third parties, it is usually wise to wait to listen or hear from the horse’s mouth.

There have been rumours that some cabal within Aso Rock has hijacked the presidency from President Buhari. Some allegation goes to insinuate that it was due to his old age, that he could not engage properly in a lot of proceedings.

But many doubted it too. But recently the Senate president made allegations of some sort pointing in that direction during the case against him and his deputy bothering around forgery in the senate. One could have thought yea, it is a case of a man under duress trying to speak up to make himself appear innocent.

Then,  the wife of the president, Aisha Buhari, in her famous BBC Hausa service interview touched on the same issue of Buhari not being in charge in Aso Rock. Now, the news began to make some good sense.

But listening to responses from Buhari here in this video you are about to watch, it becomes very  limpid that he is indeed not in charge of his government. He hardly has information on anything that is going on in his government.

Asked what has boko haram given in exchange for the release of the girls?

President Buhari said “this one I do not know until I go back, I said that they were released on the morning I left and this is not something that we will discuss on the telephone. Until I go back, I will receive a formal briefing on how the negotiation went.”

The BBC journalist further asked him, ” the situation was very unclear from the Nigerian government side, there are reports of four boko haram  leaders have been released and then there were counter report that this was not the case”?

This was where the response from the president was startling.  Buhari said ” Well, you see, you are ahead of me. As soon as I go back, I will find out the written confirmation of how it all went”.

How could negotiations to release or exchange such class of leaders of a very dangerous terrorist group like boko haram not be of utmost decision of the president or the commander-in-chief? This is a very worrying development where serious decisions of security implications are not made by the president but by someone else who then briefs him on that via written explanation.

Could these instances here explain the allegation that president Buhari is not really in charge of things in his government?

Terrorism is a very serious security issue and seeing the president not being in control of which member of the boko haram is being released without his authourization should raise serious concern.

Then, something went really aghast as he was asked about anti-corruption war, the President displayed some serious health condition of someone suffering from some kind of disease that prevents him from comprehending the question he was asked. Is this a classical case of Alzheimer disease? That remains to be seen.

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