Global Audience Reactions To Buhari’s Speech Of “My Wife Belongs To My Kitchen And Other Rooms” | The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor

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Some of the reactions of international audience undoubtedly tell anyone how much blunder President Buhari has committed by his single commentary about his wife belonging to his kitchen, living room and the other room, which perhaps is a reference to his bedroom.

 In some strongly worded responses from some international audience, one  Lesley Reeves Costi,  said “if this is Nigeria’s President, no wonder the country is in a sorry state!!”.

Another person, Paul Bailey Kerr had this to say “No wonder his wife hates him. I would hate anyone who kept saying that they have superior knowledge to me. I only watched this guy for 60 seconds and already think that he is an absolute fruitcake”.

Mr Robert Johns said that “what a heartwarming display of ignorance and stupidity”.

Mr Habib Azizi had this to say “he is the killer of thousands of innocent people”. He was perhaps referring to mass killing of unarmed Biafrans and Shiites Muslims under Buhari’s government.

A German opposition leader called for his immediate expulsion from Germany, while a renowned German newspaper in its editorial, has this to say about President Buhari.

“He is simply a dumb leader, hailed as the Messiah of Africa’s most populous democracy after winning election in 2015 his agenda of fighting corruption which was given a blessing by the West, especially former colonial master, England is very unpopular in his country as citizens are more concerned about the economic hardship and joblessness to his fight for financial recovery”_.
It went ahead to say…

When it comes to world issues, the former general has little knowledge of events of the moment and hardly articulates. The more you listen to him, the dumber you become. 
Hard words, but written with some elements of sincerity.

Germany has a woman as head of state. It also has a mother with eight children as defence minister, (commander of a powerful military force) something unthinkable in most parts of the world especially Africa. The notion here is that, girls can be everything including being President.

This single act by Buhari has boldly put him in the spotlight as a man who has no respect for women. A man who the international audience would from now see as a disgrace to his country and as a disappointment not only to his family but to the country, Nigeria.

How he is going to amend this still remains to be seen.  Of course, this could be forgotten within weeks unless he commits another blunder within a short period of time from now that would remind people of this.

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