Buhari Disagrees With His Media Chief, Defends His Words Of “Wife Belonging To The Kitchen And Other Rooms” |The Republican News

By Ike A. Offor   (Video below)

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President Buhari with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel during a press conference

Two days ago when the news of President Buhari saying to journalists in Germany, in a press conference with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, that his wife, Aisha Buhari “belongs to his living room, the kitchen and other rooms”, his media chief defended him and said that he was merely joking.

According to the president’s media chief, Alhaji Shehu Garba, “we could all see that the president smiled first before making such statement that meant that he was simply joking”.

According to his media chief analysis for the simple fact that the President smiled before making such statement depicts that he was simply joking.

Many seemed to have been converted by Shehu Garba by his defense. But the video that emerged after the statement that has attracted global audience and condemnations has shown that President Buhari was indeed not joking.

As it could be seen here in this video, he defended his words, reaffirming that his wife indeed belongs to the kitchen. He added that her job is to take care of him.

When confronted by a BBC journalist to explain his statement about his wife. President Buhari simply expanded on his remark by saying “I am sure you have a house, you know where your kitchen is, you know where your living room is, and I believe your wife looks after all of that, even if you are working?”

The BBC journalist enquired further, I am sorry so, that is your wife’s section? He replied ‘yes, to look after me’.

It is obvious that he is serious about his words and did his best to defend it as he feels it’s appropriate.

Frankly, it is not terrible if an African man says that his wife belongs to his kitchen or is a housewife because a high percentage of African wives are indeed housewives.

Traditionally, African wives are housewives and many African women love being housewives. But recently, African women do combine being a wife and a career woman or mother. So, many would find his words about his wife very condescending and very disrespectful of Nigerian or African women.

It is appears the problem with Buhari’s response is largely how he said it and the scene where he made such comment. Perhaps, the international and national audience expected him to say something more respectful about his wife or simply shrug it off and remain mute or simply say that my wife is not a politician but a mother to our children or a wife to me.

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