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Donald Trump did not hold back at a Florida rally on Wednesday, attacking Hillary Clinton as “corrupt,” the media as “dishonest,” the Republican Congress as ineffective — and the entire country as vulnerable to a takeover by the Islamic State if Clinton wins the Nov. 8 election.

“They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States, because they’ll take over not only that part of the world, they’ll take over this country,” Trump told backers in Ocala, Fla.

Repeatedly predicting dire consequences if he loses the election, Trump said at one point that “our country has never been so low” and “I’m ashamed with what’s happened to our country, and so are you.”

Citing the WikiLeaks document dumps of emails from the Clinton campaign, Trump recited a litany of accusations that include double dealing and special favors for contributors to the Clinton Foundation, “cashing in” on government service, and claims that the Justice Department protected the former secretary of State during the email investigation.

Clinton officials have not confirmed the authenticity of of individual emails, but have accused the Russians of involvement in hackings designed to bolster Trump’s presidential bid.

“By dribbling these out every day WikiLeaks is proving they are nothing but a propaganda arm of the Kremlin with a political agenda doing Putin’s dirty work to help elect Donald Trump,” said Clinton spokesman Glen Caplin. “The FBI is now investigating this crime, the unanswered questions are why Donald Trump strangely won’t condemn it and whether any of his associates are involved.”

Saying Clinton would be “the most corrupt and most dishonest person” ever president, Trump also accused the media of promoting and protecting her. “Without the media and without the press,” Trump said, “Hillary Clinton would be nothing.”

Trump is engaged in a tour of Florida less than a week after the release of a 2005 tape in which he talks about aggressively moving in on women, revelations that prompted some Republicans to call on him to exit the presidential race.

The Republican nominee is also looking at a slide in polls in a variety of key states, including Florida.

Some of Trump’s Republican critics have also questioned his increasingly harsh attacks on Clinton. Tweeted Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.: “Republicans should not be okay with @realDonaldTrump threatening to jail his opponent after the election. That is not who we are.”

During his remarks in Ocala, Trump added the entire political establishment to his indictment, saying member of both parties cover up mutual self-dealing.

“I am so disappointed in Congress … and I mean both sides,” Trump said.

Trump singled out Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, who announced this week that he would no longer defend or campaign with the Republican nominee. In Ocala, Trump hit Ryan for not calling to congratulate him after Sunday’s debate with Clinton.

“There’s a whole sinister deal going on,” Trump said.

Claiming victory in that debate against Clinton, Trump said he was “so happy what we did to annihilate the enemy the other day.”

Trump told supporters in Ocala he expects to win the election, but did cite the narrowness of polls in Florida,

“If I lose,” he said, “I’m going to be so angry at Florida.”


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