INEC Worked With APC To Rig Election In favour Of APC Gubernatorial Candidate In Edo Election (VIDEO) |The Republican New

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The facts have been emerging how INEC worked with APC, the ruling party in Edo state to aid election malpractices in the just concluded election in the state. Some of these evidences are glaringly shocking to viewers and to those who have come across them.

One of such evidences is the one you are about to watch here now in the video. In this video you could see an INEC official happily with her colleagues thumb stamping mass election ballot papers in favour of APC gubernatorial candidate Mr Godwin Obaseki.

There have been serious allegations of rigging  and so many video evidences have been circulating in the social media. There was strong allegation that the result confirmed at various poll units were definitely not the same results called out by INEC in its election result announcement.

This INEC official was still watching out not to be seen by anyone, perhaps by some folks  from the opposition party, PDP.

It could be recalled that the PDP on seeing these wide-spread election malpractices, which was being carried out in collaboration with INEC officials, declared that it will not accept the election results.

In this video, it is shockingly limpid how the INEC, a supposedly election umpire, was caught in the election process malpractice. How could such a process be marred by the same umpire that was supposed to ensure that such election was concluded without such malpractice?

The answer to that question lies with the fact that this sort of arrangement was organised from the top  and well coordinated by various government agencies. One could imagine how many of such thumb stamping by a single individual within the INEC took place during and after the election in Edo state.

There was also strong allegations that the police, DSS, and the army were all involved in aiding such election malpractices across the entire state. A lot of these evidence have been making rounds in the social media immediately after the election which took place last week.

So, the question is would the result of this election be overturned in the court or by election tribunal? That remains to be seen, since the APC-led government is quickly bringing every institution and separate arms government on its kneels to do their bidding on their behalf. The recent forceful raids on houses of judges in the wee hours of the morning further exercebates the suspicions of the people.

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