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By Ike A. Offor
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In an effort to capture global audience in its quest for an independent country, the IPOB has gotten strong foot hold in several countries within and outside Africa and has used this to its advantage.

Biafran news and stories are now being told in several countries in local languages across Europe and Asia.  There are even vast plans to have 24hrs television broadcast that will have global audience.

In this video below, the Biafran news  in broadcast in Russia language. Though this may look new and amateurish but there are plans to strengthen these television broadcasts.

How professional these television channels, whether it is online or offline, does not matter. But what mus mater to the people is the fact that these channels are being used to air these news to the wider public, thereby creating a global awareness.

When Nnamdi Kanu commenced his radio broadcast, many never thought it could be such a wildfire that has since spread across the world and brought Biafran cause to the global audience.

Discussions about Biafra now pops up in Europe, USA, Asia and in several African countries. All it took was a little radio broadcasting equipment, which was indeed very mobile and he travelled around the globe with it.

Though it must be said that the high handedness of Buhari’s administration helped to spread the cause of Biafra. many people around the world got to hear about Nnamdi Kanu and cause of Biafra when he was thrown into jail and refused bail even when the credible judicial court granted him bail.

Many, even those in Nigeria were unaware of Radio Biafra as far back as in the early years of Dr Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan’s tenure in office. Like a true democrat that he is, he allowed Nnamdi Kanu and the rest of Biafrans to freely express their anger towards the unease union known as Nigeria.

Some the facts to buttress this is contained in the video evidence being used against Prince Nnamdi Kanu by the Buhari’s administration. Several, if not all, of the videos used to accuse him of trying to overthrow President Buhari were evidently made under Goodluck Jonathan’s era. Which was why folks found it preposterous to accuse someone of trying to overthrow a man who wasn’t as at the time even a president.

If indeed Biafra does come to fruition, which every evidence now points to that direction, Biafrans must boldly write the man of President Buhari on her history book as a man who drastically pushed the cause of Biafra to a wider global audience. At least he made Biafra a topic for heads of States, parliaments and government bodies across the globe to tinker about.



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